The Top 5 Things Every Successful Entrepreneur Does Before Breakfast

We all know those people who seem to have every part of their life working like a well-oiled machine, from their perfect outfits that never have so much as a piece of lint on the cuff or collar to their high-profile careers and the magazine covers, awards, and accolades that come along with them. However, for most of us, it often feels as though the lives of rich, famous, and successful entrepreneurs are out of reach for the average working stiff. The good news? With just a few changes to your schedule, you can put yourself on the path toward a more productive and successful life — just add these five things every successful entrepreneur does before breakfast to your daily routine:

They catch up on the news: Being smart is one thing, but being well-informed is another, and, unfortunately, the former doesn’t much matter without the latter. The most successful men and women in the world are avid readers of the news, keeping themselves abreast of what’s going on in the world long before they head to work for the day. To start your day off on track for success, check out your favorite newspaper online, scan Twitter, or use an aggregation service to give you the highlights of the day’s biggest stories.

They take a little “me time”: While it may seem like rushing to start the day would make you more productive, successful entrepreneurs know that taking a little “me time” before the workday starts can yield serious results. Not only does carving out some time for yourself help spur your creativity, it can also help you from burning out later in the day. Even better, spending some of that time practicing mindfulness can help you better prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

They make a healthy meal:  Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and research suggests that way too many of us are skipping it altogether, thanks to our morning time crunch. However, successful entrepreneurs know that brain food will help keep them full and focused when it’s game time — that’s probably why Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey starts his days out with protein-packed eggs, or why Virgin CEO Richard Branson gets a boost from healthy carbs, like fruit and whole-grain cereal in their homes.

They get moving: It’s always hard to find time to hit the gym after work, but getting moving first thing in the morning can act as a font of creativity, waking up both your body and your brain. Successful entrepreneurs know that the boost of endorphins you get from early AM exercise can help give you some pep in your step throughout the day, and the cardiovascular benefits of hitting the gym can mean improved circulation to your brain, better focus, and even a better night’s rest when you finally hit the hay.

They plan their day: Successful people know that time management is key. Before you even think about heading out for the day, make sure you know how you’ll be using your time; even if that means blocking off your time down to the minute, it will help you prioritize your most important activities, make sure you don’t miss anything, and can help keep you from letting distractions get in the way of your productivity.

Becoming a success isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Fortunately, following the habits of successful entrepreneurs who paved the way can help you reach your personal and professional goals faster than you ever thought possible.

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