Top 5 Fashion Hacks To Get Ready For Male Street Style

Fashion is all about carrying your outfit and accessories with positive attitude. While runways are a great place to get inspiration from, we must not forget that street style dressing is real and trendy. With the advent of diverse clothing and accessory range for men, male street style has seen some truly amazing makeovers. Let us have a look at five easy fashion hacks that add oomph to your regular streetwear and that are very simple to follow.


  • Think monochrome

Dare to carry a single colour? You should. Wearing different shades of a single colour gives your personality a no-nonsense and focused appeal. Moreover, a single colour stands out from the crowd and gives you the attention that you need. In fact, it is better to go with a single colour from top to bottom than to match an awful colourful combination. Go for men’s accessories that match your shade for the day, and you are set to rock the street style.


  • Leave room for perfection

Street style is about being comfortable. This is why you should aim for an effortless look with some room for perfection. Leave the first button of your shirt un-done to take your style several notches higher. A few creases on your trousers need no ironing leave them on for a more realistic look and appeal. Fold the sleeves of your shirt up to the elbows to create a very interesting look.


  • Create a signature style

Make your street style unique and noticeable with a signature accessory. For example, men’s designer belts are available in an array of textures and colours. Find the one that is nothing like the rest and wear it when you can. Make it stand out in your ensemble and you are sure to turn heads on the street. Alternatively, look for accessories that are different from the rest. A classy pair of cufflinks, perhaps; or designer shoes that speak for themselves. These are the things you need in your wardrobe.


  • Don’t compromise on the fit

There is a difference between wearing comfortable clothes and wearing sloppy and ill-fitting ones. You should never compromise on the fit of your clothes. Buying an expensive suit is worthless if you don’t get it fitted. Get inspired by James Bond whose suits spoke volumes about his impeccable style. Find a good tailor who understands your body type and offers solutions that make our garments fit like a dream.


  • Experiment a bit

Leave your comfort zone once in a while and experiment a bit with your dressing. This breaks the monotony of your style and gives a fresh appeal to your personality. Do you have a floral printed shirt, a men’s cashmere scarf or an ankle length pant in your closet? Bring them out and wear them occasionally without thinking about what’s trending.


We all tend to buy similar looking garments when it comes to streetwear. If you want to add wow-factor to your dressing style without spending too much, you should seriously consider these five simple fashion hacks and get the heads on the street turning in awe and admiration.

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