Tips To Promote Employee Happiness

  1. Don’t Force Happiness, Nuture It

There is more to keeping your employees happy than simply giving them a fat paycheck or paying for their vacation. People interpret happiness differently, a reason you want to ensure the workplace is conducive for all. Nurture happiness by creating a peaceful environment for them to work in. Delegating duties and trusting your staff will do it well, and only coming in to help, rather than reprimand, can help create a healthy relationship between you and the employees.


  1. Don’t Just Let Things Happen

In other words, make a habit of reviewing how employees handle various tasks and your management practices. Always approach issues with an open and clear head, and try to come up with the most amicable solution possible. Taking time to review every employee’s performance and how they handle tasks shows you indeed care about them and are ready to show them the way.


  1. Listen To Them

Employees are your most valued asset. Most of them will understand how certain tasks could be handled better for improved output and performance. Asking for your employee’s opinions, especially when looking to make major changes, or bring in new staff members, means you indeed value them. Your employees will, however, only be comfortable sharing their minds if they feel comfortable around you.


  1. Give Them a Reason to Trust You

Create an environment where employees can air their views and opinions without fear of retaliation or judgment. While this might not be easy at times, having an open mind encourages employees to share their minds, knowing it won’t be used against them. You don’t always have to agree with their opinions, but rather enlighten them on your decisions.


  1. Advocate for Positive Energy in The Workplace

The workplace shouldn’t be all about getting work done. Allow the employees to loosen up a bit and have occasional bouts of fun in between tasks. As long as they meet their daily target, they deserve to have fun here and there. With the employees having to spend at least 5 days of the week at the workplace, you want to make their stay worthwhile. Be among the first to radiate positive energy to your peers, and let it flow.


  1. Discourage Unhealthy Internal Competition

Although competition between employees might be good for business, you want to be particularly stern about unhealthy internal competition and power games. Manage work schedules, projects and task ownership with Tracktime24. Encourage employees to learn to work together where everyone is respected and recognized.  Learn to assume a neutral position when/if conflicts arise and handle the matter fairly.


  1. Understand and Build Each Employee’s Strengths

Make an effort to understand each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. One employee will be good at one thing but poor at another. Learn to capitalize on their strengths and empower them to focus on just that. It will be much easier to delegate individual tasks this way, which again improves performance and success rate.


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