Tips For Staying Fit As A Modern Guy

It is often hard to keep yourself motivated and stay focused on keeping fit, when our lives are so busy. Most men reading this will probably have the same feelings, when they actually get to the gym and realise that the more disciplined members are able to lift larger weights, do more repetitions. It’s hard not to feel inadequate at times. However, all you really need is to make some small and effect changes to your routine on a daily basis to have a positive impact on your health and fitness.

Find A Friend To Workout With

One of the biggest mistakes many people make, guys in particular, is thinking they need to do it all on their own. Obviously, no-one can do the actual exercises for you. Well they could, but it would not do you any good physically. It doesn’t work like that after all. However, that doesn’t mean you have to rely on just your own motivation to workout. Find a friend who also is looking to workout and then you can both feed off each other’s drive and determination.

Install A Pull Up Bar

One of the best things you could ever do to improve your overall fitness and exercise routine is install a pull up bar. Once you find the best pull up bar for you, you will find it incredibly easy to exercise a little each day. Not only will it be easier to stay motivated having a pull up bar in your own home, but the pull up bar itself is a great way to not only exercise your upper body, the main area it targets, but most techniques involve the use of the whole body, so you really can have a full body workout with just one piece of equipment.

Find Things You Enjoy Doing And Stick To Them

Part of the battle with keeping to a fitness regime is finding exercises and activities you enjoy doing. If you don’t enjoy doing something and feel you don’t have to, you won’t do it. Therefore, you need to figure out what kind of exercises and sports interest you the most and work on doing them more. The more you stay active, work muscles and burn calories, the fitter you will become.

Keep Meals Simple

Rather than getting too complicated with meals, trying to fit as many good ingredients in as possible, it is better, if you really want to stay fit and healthy, to stick to simpler meals. Strip back your favourite dishes to the basic ingredients, add light flavourings and use leaner cuts of meat. Coupling a healthy diet of freshly prepared, fruit and veg heavy meals with lean cuts of meat with a regular routine of exercise

Don’t Give Up

More important than anything else on this list is the fact that even if you do fall to the wayside a little and mess up a little, you need to not give up and keep going. It’s okay to make mistakes and mess up on your healthy eating or miss that day at the gym. It only becomes a problem when you don’t pull yourself together and get back on target the next time.

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