The Gentleman’s Barbershop

Men who like to take care of their hair do so because a great haircut lends a great deal of style to a person. It’s the same with beards and moustaches; however you wear yours, you want to make sure it looks as neat and tidy as can be.

There was a time when you could find a traditional barber’s shop on every other street in any city, but that age is long gone with the advent of portable razors and unisex hairdressers. Yet, it would seem the traditional barber is making a comeback.

Men have begun to realise that there is nothing quite like a proper, straight-edge razor shave to achieve the best, smoothest finish, and that only a barber can cut hair exactly as you want it. This is why Frank’s Barbershop in Denver – as traditional a barbershop as you will find anywhere in the USA – is a very popular place.

Range of Services

If you’ve never enjoyed the full traditional barbershop treatment, there’s no doubt that Frank’s Barbershop is a great place to start, so if you happen to be in Denver, make your way there! What services do they provide?

Let’s start with a basic haircut: you get the full works including the shampoo and scalp massage, the hot face towel wrap, straight razor neck shave and a precision cut – and by that we mean real precision – and when you see the price, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If it’s just a shave you want, there is nothing quite like a wet shave with a straight edge razor for the perfect finish. The whole experience is one every man should try at least once – Frank’s use the standard hot and cold towel routine, as there simply is none better – and once you have, you’re sure to want to do it again.

Membership Options

If you really want to get into the whole barbershop cut and shave routine – and what well-styled gentleman about town would not – then you might want to look at their range of membership packages. You can sign up and save money on anything from the ‘Frank’s Essential’ package that offers you a full cut, clean up and shoe shine for a discount price, or the ‘Frank’s 365’ which gives you $2000 worth of service over 12 months at an impressive discount.

It’s no wonder that the barbershop is making a comeback, as while you can get a great shave with quality razors, and you might chance upon a decent hairdresser, a gentleman’s barber is a whole different experience, one that comes with social benefits, too. Go to Frank’s for a regular cut, and they will remember your name – you become one of the family, part of the scene.

There are many reasons – a friendly welcome, great atmosphere and first class professional service not least among them – to take a trip to Frank’s Barbershop, so why not get in touch now and book an appointment; it’s an experience that may change your life in many ways.

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