The DistilleryDAO Story 

DistilleryDAO is creating an entire network of Whiskey enthusiasts and bringing them together to build a Distillery. Whiskey lovers now have the opportunity to be a part of building a real-life whisky brand and casting their votes on how it should be run. 
This distillery will be community-driven and built from the ground up to ensure a truly spectacular space for sharing, visiting, tasting, and experiencing. 

Building the Distillery 

Our plan is to have the resources ready to build a real-life distillery that our community can visit, drink out of and build a community around. For this to be organic, the community will be involved throughout the development process from location to whiskey types, flavor profiles to maturation time. One thing that we will never compromise on is the authenticity of what we are creating. 

As we build our community, the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is a community-led entity that will form committees around each facet of our project. This includes branding, methods, whiskey styles, and more.

DistilleryDAO will hire full-time staff that will work with the community throughout the process. There will be an option to buy or blend spirits to get it moving faster, which we can consider – openly and transparently – with our community. 

To stay true to our values and vision, we believe each community member has a role to play in contributing to the common good. This includes:

  • Uncompromising authenticity
  • Community trust
  • Focus on what is in our control
  • Quest for greatness

Benefits of Joining the DistilleryDAO Whiskey Community 

Not only will you have access to the DistilleryDAO premise (once assembled), members will also be able to gain invaluable insight from experts in the whisky community. Members can discuss and share their best whisky glasses, or perhaps play around with new whisky ideas and innovations, or even explore the world of non-alcoholic spirits.

Whisky is loved and respected by people from every corner of the globe and every walk of life. This community will be made up of individuals who are influential in their specific realms and have the skills to be founding board members of a real-world Whisky Business. Not only will Whisky experts be governing alongside you, so too will some of the biggest names in sports, country music, business, and investing.

We want to share this experience together, have fun, tell stories, get to know each other, and create products that will be enjoyed by people around the world, for years to come. Whisky is deeply rooted in tradition – so who better to pass it on than a devoted team of global whisky connoisseurs.

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