The Classy Mans Look

Being a classy man is very attractive at the minute. So many women, and men, are looking for a guy who knows how to dress, and knows how to act when he’s wearing those clothes. But the classy mens look is not for everyone, we know that. We know that some of you will think that it’s too much effort to get to that classy look stage, so they just wearing the usual jeans and T-shirt every single day. But we promise you that if you go for this type of style, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll feel confident, you’ll feel happy, and you’ll feel as though people are actually respecting the look that you’re rocking. It’s easy for the person you’re trying to attract to think that you’re a bit of a plain Jane if you don’t mix your fashion up a little bit, and this is the perfect way to do it. But we don’t want you to feel as though you’re uncomfortable with the way you dress, that’s why we’re going to stick on the casual side of classy fashion, so it can be something that you’ll wear all of the time!

Keeping It Classy Casual

Classy casual is definitely something that you want to try to achieve, because it’s a look you can wear every single day, giving you that look that makes you feel amazing, and gets heads turning. You just seem like you’ve got more about you when you’re going for that classy casual look! So the one thing that’s a staple, is jeans. If you wear anything other than jeans really, you’re heading towards the side of being a bit too classy, and it’s not like you could walk around the highstreet wearing it! Then it has to be a shirt, or a polo. They’re two classics that when mixed with jeans are still casual, can compliment your features well, and give you that business man casual vibe. Finish it off with nehru jackets, and you’ve completed the look. We’d definitely style it with trainers as the footwear, anything booty just isn’t the way at the minute, and you can get some really sleek looking trainers that should suit the look!

When An Occasion Pops Up

We love it when some sort of special occasion pops up, so you can go all out classy, without feeling like you’re out of place! It could be a wedding, a birthday, a nice meal! It could be anything. When this occasion calls, all you have to do is be a little more adventurous then with the classy casual look. Our best advice would be to go to a classy style shop, and see if they offer a person shopping service. The personal shopper could pick out all of the things that they think would suit you, rather than you throwing something together and guessing!

Being More Confident

Finally, it’s largely about being more confident with how you look if you want to rock this look. Feel great in what you wear, and keep your appearance up. If you mix this with a fresh haircut and some fine smelling aftershave, the attraction from others will definitely be there!

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