The Bachelor Party: Make It Epic!

A bachelor party is an important part in any guy’s life. It’s usually a way to let off some steam with his friends and say a fond farewell to single life before he gets married. Although a lot of people are happy enough to go to some vide bars and get drunk in celebration of this momentous life change, you might be looking for something a little different.

If you are looking for inspiration beyond the normal, then you’ve come to the right place as we look at some great bachelor party ideas in the post below.

Escape Room

If you are not familiar with the term, escape rooms are a fairly new phenomenon. The basic concept behind your average escape room is pretty simple. You and your buddies are locked in a room and have to find a way out before a certain time limit. They are normally based around a theme and there are lots of clues and puzzles you need to solve to get them in order to find the way out. Victory and bragging rights await those who can do it, particularly if you are divided into two groups and both tackle identical escape rooms at same time.

As a stag party is often the last time a group friends get to spend together before the man in question gets hitched, an escape room is the perfect way to spend it as you need to work as a team to get out.


If you are interested in a more low-key affair and are all fans of stand-up comedy, Edmonton is ideal for this type of entertainment. Enjoy some beers, food and belly laughs as a great way to celebrate the husband-to-be’s last night of freedom.

Brewery Tours

Alberta and Edmonton in particular is home to a number of great little breweries. So, if you are looking for an interesting way to have a jovial, beer-infused time, then book ahead with many of these and you will get a chance to see how those frothy beers are made up close and personal. The main attraction though to this kind of activity, is the free samplings of the breweries produce, that most offer.


Why not unwind in the great outdoors with a non-competitive game of friendly game of golf? Okay, who are we kidding, golf is not as friendly as you may think, once you all get into it. But there are still plenty of places to play this fine sport in Edmonton, and this is a great way to make memories and have laughs.

Combat Archery

Or you could do any combination of the activities above. However, if you are looking for a hilarious, and fun way to show your love for your soon-to-be-married buddy, why not get involved in some Combat Archery. Simply put, this involves foam arrows, bows and lots of other violent mischief. This is a great way to make the groom pay before his big day, you can make him run the gauntlet while you all attack him with axes, arrows and even bricks or you can stage an all our war that will stay in your memories for many years to come.

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