Summer Is Here. Time To Update Your Wardrobe and Accessories!


From your watch, phone and clothes let summer be the harbinger of change

Ideas and tips on how to update a men’s summer wardrobe and accessories. The importance of not buying too much and sticking to what items will combine with others.

As the temperatures rise and thicker winter and autumn clothing gets relegated to the back of wardrobes and drawers, that summer clobber worn last year might be looking a bit past it. Maybe it’s time to invest in some new summer wear – and while you’re at it maybe an overhaul of the accessories that can make such a difference to a look.

Shop wisely

It may be tempting to go out on a buying spree and stock up on mounds of summer wear, but a bit of thought and care will not only save money but stop you overfilling your wardrobe and drawers with clothing you may end up scarcely wearing. Thinking of what you realistically will wear enough to warrant its purchase and how it can combine with various other clothes is key.

Also, bear in mind quality is an investment not an expense – especially with certain accessories.

Some ideas on what to choose and look for with clothing:

Chinos – a pair of chinos are a fail safe choice as they can look smart with a jacket or smart casual with a shirt and simply casual with a tee shirt or light round neck jumper. Tan or pale brown is a flexible colour choice.

Jeans – another fail safe; a good fitting pair of stone washed or deep blue denims can look good either smart casual with a jacket or shirt, or more casual with a tee shirt.

Shorts – a pair of tailored chino style shorts can offer the smarter option to keep cool when a bit of formality is required as opposed to the more casual multi pocketed beach type.

Need a pair of swim shorts? If so, the sky’s the limit on styles but bold stripes are popular presently.

Shirt – paler colours, even pure white if you’re bold enough, are popular for the summer and a looser fit is comfortable for when you may have to look smarter on the hotter days.

Another shirt idea is the overshirt; they’re thicker than a ‘normal’ shirt but not as thick as the typical work shirt. A good standby for when the weather looks changeable – no need to tote a jumper as this will go over your tee shirt and can come off when the sun appears.

Trainers – frowned upon by many, especially white ones if you’re not actually playing a sport of any kind, but they are comfortable! A neat way round this is pastel coloured types from the main sports brands such as Adidas.

Other shoes – a pair of basic canvas pumps or espadrilles complement most looks whether you’re wearing chinos, jeans or shorts.

Tee shirts – you may decide to overhaul your tee shirt inventory, and the blue and white horizontal ‘Breton stripe’ style is a good timeless choice as are solid pastel colours.

How about accessories for the summer?

Phone – you may fancy a change; perhaps upgrading to one with a larger or higher resolution screen for use in bright sunshine, or something with an improved camera for those holiday snaps is in your thoughts?

To help fund that new iPhone or Samsung sell your phone easily online.

Belts – you need one or two of course, but go for quality if possible and consider a reversible type so you have two colours in one belt.

Sunglasses – if your present pair need pensioning off or you fancy a second pair, the classic look is very much in for the summer but sunglass design covers all looks and styles from the classic to the funky.

Watch – your timepiece will be more on display as you go out and about in sleeveless shirts and tee shirts, so maybe a new one is in order? Along with the mainstream makers there are many individual styles available from smaller watchmakers at various price points.

Wallets and cardholders – maybe your old faithful wallet is beginning to give up the ghost? A neat new one for the summer might be nice – or maybe a cardholder will do? Another option is to buy a case for your new phone that incorporates spaces for cards and notes so cutting down what you have to carry around.

Holdall – a practical holdall is likely to see some use ranging from days out, trips to the gym and maybe the odd weekend away if you’re travelling lighter. A classic unobtrusive design is ideal rather than one plastered with sports manufacturer logos.

Buy what you really need

Before hitting the shops – or the Internet – it’s worth considering what you feel you were lacking last summer in the sartorial and accessories department. Did you never seem to have enough tee shirts? Did you lack something suitable smart casual on occasion? Did you find yourself reaching for the one pair of light shoes you own too often?

This will help steer you to buying the right clothing and accessories without getting into the sweet shop mentality of grabbing too much of everything. Make your money go further, keep your wardrobe from bursting at the seams and – remember – buy the best quality you can.

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