How to stay comfortable when you’re at work

You shouldn’t underestimate the need to preserve your comfort when you are working. A more comfortable worker can also be a more productive worker. Nonetheless, keeping yourself content in the workplace can be much easier said than done; after all, there might be strict rules you have to follow there that don’t need to be a factor in your home life. Here are some tips for keeping discomfort at bay while sticking to the rules that apply in your work environment.

Make sure that your clothes aren’t too tight

While overly tight clothes have the obvious potential to bring on anguish during a lengthy day of work, you could still all-too-easily end up buying them. You could blame this on simply not knowing the most appropriate clothes sizes for your body or not testing your existing clothes well enough.

How can you discern that your trousers are too tight? GQ has posted a straightforward guide. One aspect of that guide is “the sit test”, where you would lower yourself into a seat before looking at your legs and grabbing some fabric on your trousers’ thigh portion. If you can’t even make a little pinch there, the trousers are too tight. Therefore, you should check what size those trousers are and then be careful to buy a fresh set in a suitably bigger size.

Buying such clothing is straightforward when you online shop with Dickies Life. That specialist clothing retailer operates in the UK and offers slim fit work pants available in a wide range of sizes. If you are eager to purchase a set, you can select your favoured colour, size and quantity from the provided drop-down menus, click ‘ADD TO BASKET’, and then progress with paying for your order.

Be kind to your feet

Maybe you have the type of job where you regularly have to walk around. Jobs necessitating this include many across restaurants, salons, and schools. Therefore, you should pay special attention to making sure that your feet are looked after.

To this end, you should avoid wearing overly small shoes – something that many people can be prone to doing. This is problematic, as it boosts your likelihood of getting blisters, Heathline cautions, while also increasing the discomfort of walking or standing. If you find yourself already encountering these problems, then buy some new, larger shoes and see how you fare in them.

Keeping your feet nice for an upcoming work day is about preparing thoroughly. Much of that preparation can be undertaken on the evening before. Lucille B. Andersen, M.D., a Pleasanton, California-based foot and ankle surgeon, has explained that “immersing the foot – as long as the person doesn’t have vascular problems – in a bucket with water and ice for 20 minutes works to combat the swelling and inflammation that prolonged standing creates in the foot”.

Following the various tips put forward in this article could help you to exceed your expectations regarding your own productivity at work. Could your promotion even be on the way?

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