Shaving Dilemma: Cream or Gel?

Even though the lumberjack beard has become really popular among modern men, the need for a clean shave is still widely present. Not everyone likes or wants to rock a bushy beard. But, removing facial hairs on regular basis can leave its toll on the skin. A lot of men complain about irritated skin and razor burns. So, is there a way to prevent this? Basically, apart from a top quality razor, you need to know what shaving products work well for you. In order to learn a bit more about shaving creams and gels, keep on reading.

The question of shaving foam

For whatever reason, shaving foam as the latest shaving product is usually considered to be the best quality product for easy and painless shaving. Even though these foams come in a sleek can and are pretty easy to use without too much mess, the truth is that they don’t provide enough lather. The larger amount of air found in canned shaving foams is the main reason as to why this product may still leave your skin irritated and itchy after shaving. It simply doesn’t stick to the hairs and skin completely in order to protect you from burns properly.

What you need to know about shaving cream

Some shaving creams may come in a can, but mostly you can find them in a tin or a tube. Basically, the first thing you need to pay attention to is whether the cream has any alcohol in it. You should avoid this ingredient religiously since it can dry out your skin a lot. Both cream and gel provide enough lather but when it comes to the shaving cream, you need to use a good brush. In general, a high quality men’s shaving brush is not that hard to find compared to a good shaving product. If you like a traditional shave that will give you smooth skin without burns and irritations, shaving cream is definitely a good choice.

What you need to know about shaving gel

A shaving gel has more lubricant to it, which makes it easy to create lather without using water or a brush. In that respect, shaving gels are good for quick morning shave when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Because of the lubricant, shaving gels are also more suitable for men with sensitive skin. Of course, there are many shaving creams that are great for sensitive skin as well. That being said, your final choice can be determined by your preferred shaving product or the way you’re used to shave your face.

In the end, it all comes down to the ingredient list. It would be wise to have both shaving cream and gel in your bathroom cabinet so that you can enjoy a traditional shave when you have the time or simply slap on some gel when you’re in a hurry. But, always look for products that don’t contain any irritable ingredients such as alcohol or anything that you may be aware you’re allergic to.

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