Quench Your Outdoors Thirst

Is there such a thing as an outdoors thirst in winter?

Don’t be too quick to reject the appeal of nature during the cold months. For a start, if you’re worried about catching a cold, you’re more likely to come across viruses and germs when you stay indoors than by going outside. Why so? Because, contrary to common belief, your typical winter health complaints are not related to the temperatures. Germs tend to accumulate inside your home when your winter lifestyle kicks in; namely binge-watching Netflix and turning the heating up. You can encourage a warm and moist environment, which is perfect for invisible bacteria to grow and attack your immune system. In other words, don’t blame you quick stroll outside for your stuffy nose. It’s got nothing to do with it!

On the contrary, if you want to encourage your immune system to stay strong this winter, you need to escape the routine of your cosy living room and get some much-needed fresh air!

Get in the car and explore your surroundings

Explore the unknown off the beaten tracks

Ah, the typical winter weather. Icy roads, heavy rain and even snow – depending on where you live – can somewhat dramatically affect your experience of the great outdoors. After all, who wants to drive out of town in such circumstances? In reality, while our urban cars are adequate for everyday commute, they fail to meet expectations if you’re planning an outdoor adventure. But with a reliable 4×4 such as the used Mercedes Benz G class for instance, you could take your family off the beaten tracks during the weekend and leave the grey urban city behind. A ride through the small countryside lanes can be the change of landscape you need to recharge your batteries! And, if you’re in luck, you might even spot the odd pheasant or deer crossing the road. Breaking the monotony of winter is the beginning of your bond with nature.

Time to switch your gym membership for a pair of outdoors trainers

Running on a treadmill might keep your fit, but it’s nothing compared to running on the road. Admittedly, if you’ve been focusing on indoors workout for now, you might need to dress appropriately for the part before heading outside. Ultimately, running outside helps you to improve your performance, as your body needs to face new elements such as wind and uneven ground. Your body can regulate its temperature more effectively – you are less likely to overheat like in a gym studio. More importantly, you can benefit from the fresh air and the direct exposure to the sun.

Prepare your spring and summer garden

Do you know what most people do in winter? They look through their windows and despair at the sight of their desolated and muddy garden. But now’s the best time to give your yard all the attention it needs to turn your bit of lawn into a stylish vegetal display. Designing your garden can encourage you, not only to spend more time outside but also to create a space that prolongs your property.

Garden landscaping

Don’t listen to the collective winter wisdom that claims indoors is the safest place for you. On the contrary, in winter, you need to spend as much time outside as possible! From exploring your rural community to taking your workout on the road, there are plenty of options available to turn your winter blues into an energising rush!

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