Personalised Embroidered Patches from Andrea at Patchlike

When it comes to style, each of us has our preferred look. Some of us like to be subdued, others may want to stand out, and then there’s personalised touches – little details that make a statement or simply say who we are – that are unique. That’s what Patchlike is all about. It’s a website offering personalised patched, embroidered to your design, that you can wear as you wish!

What’s so great about personalised patches? Well, to start with, the unique aspect is something that makes them stand out. You can choose what you want to have on your patch – make it a traditional image or one you have thought up yourself – and if it can be done, Andrea at Patchlike will make sure it’s a quality patch that you get! What you do then, where you decide to wear it, is entirely up to you!

How to Wear a Patch

Embroidered patches are not new, but what Patchlike is doing is innovative. Many clubs use patches to identify themselves – they are associated with the biker clubs in the USA, for example, and school badges are also often patches of this sort – so how, and where, would you wear your own, personalised patch?

If you have a denim jacket, that’s the perfect place for an embroidered patch! ‘Vintage look’ denim – or distressed if you like – is very much in style right now. Indeed, for many people, denim is the style that is timeless and never fades out of fashion. A pair of jeans may also be a good place to put a patch – the back pocket is a popular place for patches – so if you have a pair you want to customise, this is the way to go.

Choosing Your Patch

If you want to personalise your life with embroidered badges you need to get in touch with Andrea at Patchlike. There are some ready-made patches that are on sale right now – really neat designs that would look good wherever you want them – but it’s the personalised patches that most people are interested in. The unique aspect of a quality embroidered patch is something that gives you pleasure whenever you wear it, and it will also make a great talking point.

Patches are also great decoration for bags and other carriers; perhaps for kids at school they would be a great way of identifying their bag among all the others. However you want to use your patch, it’s a cheap, simple and yet stylish adornment that will be individual to you, and admired by others.

If you happen to have a club that needs a number of badges, talk to Andrea at Patchlike about your requirements and she will happily advise you of the best way to go about things. Meanwhile, we think this is a great opportunity to buy your own personalised patches, so if you have embroidered patches ideas of your own, you can get in touch with Patchlike, and they will turn your idea into reality!

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