The Perfect Gentleman: Etiquette And Manners In The Modern World

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In the modern world being a perfect gentleman can be a little tough.  There fewer of our kind roaming the streets and there are lots of ladies out there who are offended by traditional values of the gentleman, such as opening doors or paying for a meal.  There has also been a change in how we socialise and what our friendship groups do.  So if you aren’t surrounded by traditional gents like yourself, you need to follow our quick guide to balancing out your lifestyle with this strange new world.

Women are a great place to start.  Your natural senses will lead you to taking on the double P.  Provide and Protect.  This is great and in your world, it would seem like the best way to treat a lady.  However, that isn’t the case in some young ladies eyes.  Women have become more independent and whilst there are still clear divides in areas such as salaries, it is fair to say that there isn’t a woman out there who isn’t capable of providing and protecting herself as well as you.  Whilst most women will appreciate a man paying the bill or opening a door for her, there are some who see this as a sign you believe she needs your help.  The best way to avoid any disasters whilst retaining your personal etiquette is to offer first.  Never assume or tell.  A simple “I would like to pay the bill, is that ok?” is going to be far better received than you ordering the bill and paying.  It’s not that you are asking permission, it is simply that you are subtly acknowledging that should your female companion want to, she is capable of paying her own way.  We don’t have any advice on the opening of doors situation.  So maybe you will just have to accept the on groan if you open the door to a lady who doesn’t appreciate the gesture.

In the past meeting up with other gentlemen meant a quiet evening in a lovely bar, perhaps a pint of dark bitter or a whisky in hand.  Shops such as Sautter on Mount Street in london are packed on a Friday with dapper dressed gents enjoying a quiet tipple whilst sampling one of cuba’s finest cigars.  However, your friends are a little more out there.  They want to whisk you off for an afternoon at the footie then drink their way through to the morning, sometimes whilst singing.  Don’t decline these events.  Instead consider getting some professional footy tips and then making a few well informed comments during the match.  You don’t have to stay all night at the bar either.  Just enjoy a few drinks, say your farewells and head home.

It is possible to navigate your way through modern life whilst keeping hold of your own personal standards.  Just remember that everyone perceives life differently and whilst you choose to adopt a high standard of living in your life, it doesn’t make someone less of a man if they don’t agree.  The basic rule of being a gentleman is to never judge anyone but yourself.


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