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As the ever growing digital sphere constantly transforms the world around us, more and more areas of our lives are changing through the way we use digital media. From digital dating to controlling the heating in your home from an office 30 miles away – the way we live our lives is changing dramatically with every advancement in the world of digital.

With around 70% of the UK adult population owning a smartphone and 86% of UK households having an internet connection there is little time when we are not connected to the net or using advancements in digital technology in our everyday lives.

As we wave goodbye to 2016, what digital entertainment trends should you be looking out for in 2017?

Live Streaming

2016 saw the introduction of live streaming across multiple platforms – from the humble beginnings of 10 second clips on Snapchat and seemingly limitless streaming through Twitter’s Periscope – an increasing number of our favourite social media platforms have launched their own live-sharing tools to keep up with the demands of the market.

After Youtube, Instagram and Facebook unveiled their plans for live-sharing video content in 2016, digital consumers are waiting patiently for 2017 to reveal where online streaming will be taken next.

Online Gaming

Whether you’re sitting on the tube, waiting for a bus or standing at the platform experiencing the side effects of yet another rail strike – a quick glance around you will reveal just how many of us use online gaming. From compulsive viral games to real time poker tournaments it is predicted an increasing number of us will use our smartphones for online gaming in 2017 – if you find yourself stuck sifting through the many sites, offers and bonuses offers a useful guide. .

Video Streaming

2016 saw BBC iPlayer begin charging a TV license fee to those who didn’t watch live TV for the first time in the history of TV licensing – after the number of UK households streaming TV and watching shows through “catch-up” services more than doubled in 2015.

With so many UK households switching to the use of “smart” TVs and online streaming, the number of platforms and services that offer streaming are creating one of the most competitive markets going into 2017.

Music Streaming

From Pandora to Spotify we are spoiled with options when it comes to music streaming – however as more and more of us turn to our smartphones, tablets and interactive in-car entertainment systems to enjoy our music, the market is becoming increasingly competitive – ensuring there are great deals to be found as we approach a new year.

Social Media

Whilst social media is arguably not a form of entertainment, 2015 saw social media take over from entertainment as the UK’s favourite online activity – with over 17% of all time online in the UK taking place on social media platforms.

Many social media enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating 2017 with experts predicting increasing use of AI (artificial intelligence) VR (virtual reality), micro influencers and lots more live video streaming.

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