Nine Great Ways to Spend a Bachelor’s Party in London


A stag party should always make for an unforgettable night, and the responsibility of ensuring it’s a one-of-a-kind experience usually falls on the best man. This a big pressure in the best of cases, but especially when you’re far from the classic bachelor party destinations of Vegas or Ibiza. Regardless, you can still make it work in rainy old London. In fact, London makes for a pretty amazing city to celebrate the last of your mate’s unmarried life…if you happen to know of these cool activities and book in advance. 

Brewery Tour or Gin Tasting

If there’s two types of drinking synonymous with British culture; it’s the ale and lagers of grimy pubs, and the gin of refreshing picnic cocktails. Whether you have a taste for beers or prefer the taste of summer day cocktails, why not it turn into a fun-filled, drunk, stag night activity? Head to any of London’s many breweries (some of which specialize in rather unusual craft beers), or book a gin tasting event with an expert at one of London’s leading gin clubs where you can have an intimate lesson in the wonders of gin. Best of all – you can justify all the alcohol in that it’s an educational experience!

Cocktail Making Class

Continuing on that theme, you and your mates could instead try your hands at making some delicious beverages of your own. Famous mixologist bar franchise ‘London Cocktail Club’ offer classes in making your favourite cocktail drinks – which naturally involves a lot of tasting. The generous number of ingredients supplied, and the expertise of the cocktail aficionado at hand, will make this experience fascinating, fun and tipsy.

Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

A stag party calls for something a little more special than the local watering hole. ‘Exclusivity’ is the name of the game, so opt instead for some glamorous rooftop bars or restaurants. Fortunately, the city views are spectacular in London – and if you’re arranging a bachelor party for July or June, you might just be lucky enough to avoid the rain. Try Radio Rooftop Bar or Madison Terrace Restaurant, both of which cater to private events.


Crystal Maze

Any fans of 90s TV will know of The Crystal Maze, the original escape room game show that saw two teams compete against each other in trying to work their way out of a series of puzzle rooms. Last year, the TV show became a reality when production company Little Lion Entertainment recreated the set in London so members of the public could finally take part in the iconic game show. Escape rooms in general have exploded in popularity over the past few years – and the futuristic vibe of The Crystal Maze revival makes it twice as alluring.


Helicopter Tour or Speedboat Tour

Ever experienced London from the sky, soaring above all the iconic landmarks? See everything from Buckingham Palace to Houses of Parliament in a helicopter tour. If you’re afraid of heights but still want to feel like James Bond, try the more wallet-friendly steam boat River Thames Tour – just be prepared get splashed during this exhilarating ride!

Hippodrome Casino

Voted the best live casino in London by the UK casino review site, this stylish gambling establishment is one of the most sophisticated in the world – and the fun isn’t limited to gambling. The four-floor casino, besides boasting an extensive variety of slot machines, card tables and chance games, is also home to one of the capital’s leading burlesque venues, where guests can enjoy a glitzy show of cabaret while sipping on delicious cocktails. When hunger hits, head to the casino’s steak house or grab some snacks at any one of the many bars dotted throughout the building. Even if the unlucky are guaranteed to enjoy their time as the opulent Hippodrome Casino. Better yet, Hippodrome is just a few minutes walk from London’s Ice Bar and wild Soho nightlife.

Rock n Roll Tour

England has given the world a fair share of rock legends – in fact the list seems never-ending. Whether your favourite is The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, The Beatles, Elton John or Sex Pistols; all the biggest Brit artists of the 70s have one thing in common – they were massively influenced by the subcultures of London and even lived in the capital for some time. Jump on board the rock n roll tour bus to get a taste of cultural history in the eclectic centre of innovative music and fashion movements.

Treasure Hunt

Events organisers like HiddenCity have good news for those who always dreamed of being Indiana Jones. The London-wide treasure hunt they arrange are tailored to suit you and your mates, who ideally are split into teams for an extra sense of competitiveness. The meeting place (a pub) will mark the starting point, after which you and your team members will embark on a frantic search for cryptic clues around the city. Once the first puzzle is solved, you text the answer and receive the next clue in response. For those who are more interested in drinking than treasure hunting, there are several pub stops along the way. The endpoint, also a pub, can only be reached by solving the final clue. Losers pay for drinks!

Boat Party

Nothing beats the classic cruise fest, but such a party is especially amazing when cruising down the River Thames. Combine karaoke and drinking games into the mix with a night on one of London’s river party boats and see the sparkling London skyline from afar.

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