Why Miami Should Be the Stateside Home Base For Brits

When Brits move stateside, cities like New York and Los Angeles are often where they first choose to settle in, with international corporations offering jobs in either coastal enclave, and luxury real estate at every turn. However, in recent years, a third city has become a haven for expats: Miami. For those eager to enjoy the best the States have to offer, Miami hits all the high notes, with luxury homes, stunning natural beauty, high-end shopping, and a seemingly endless array of exciting events to keep you busy. For those seeking a new locale to call home, here’s why Miami should be at the top of your list:

Designer Homes: There are few places in the world where fashion and real estate combine quite as seamlessly as Miami. The city’s wealth of top-tier real estate continues to expand as developers set their sights on this burgeoning market. For those eager to snag a stunning home that combines art and comfort under one roof, buildings like Missoni Baia, a luxury development from Italian fashion house Missoni, melds the two effortlessly. Resident can enjoy Missoni Home statement pieces and colors from the fashion company’s signature palette, in addition to a wealth of luxe amenities, like personal training studios, a residents’ lounge and game room, and private dining.

Unbelievable Nightlife: New York may be America’s fashion capital, and L.A. may have its film culture, but if you’re looking for nightlife, look no further than Miami. From the sexy shows on Mondays at Mokai to sets from some of the world’s most prominent DJs at Story on Friday, there’s never a dull night of the week in this city.

Relaxation Opportunities at Every Turn: All that excitement requires some decompression time, too, and fortunately, Miami is just the place for it. From the Pritkin Longevity Center & Spa, where you can meet with doctors, dieticians, and estheticians all in one day, to the spa at Fasano Residences & Hotel at Shore Club, where residents of the hotel-branded luxury residences can enjoy spa services right in the comfort of their own home, there’s no need to feel stressed in this sunny city.

Unparalleled Access to Nature: Many cities may be little more than concrete jungles, offering little in the way of nature, save for a park or two, but that’s far from the case in Miami. From the stunning beaches within the city limits to oceanfront homes to hiking in Oleta River State Park, you don’t need to leave the city to enjoy the tranquility of nature. For those lucky enough to call some of the city’s waterfront towers, like Brickell Flatiron, home, the beach is in your very own back yard.

Great Location For Travel: Travel is a passion for some and a professional obligation for others, but no matter which is true for you, Miami is an ideal home base. Whether you’re zipping up the East Coast to New York, catching a 55-minute flight to The Bahamas, or jetting off to Europe, Miami’s central location, international airport, and private airstrips make getting out of town a breeze.

Enjoying career advancement and a jet-set lifestyle doesn’t have to mean setting down roots in some stuffy city that’s all business. In Miami, you don’t have to choose between professional achievement and personal enjoyment; this south Florida city is the perfect home for those who work as hard as they play.

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