Men’s Jewellery – What Looks Best and What to Avoid


Men’s jewellery hasn’t always been such a foreign concept, with some of the most famous men in history covering themselves from top-to-toe in bling. Whilst some men may believe that jewellery purely expresses femininity, anyone that’s familiar with Ancient Egyptian or Roman culture will know that men used to relish in the idea of jewels and precious metals. Despite the misconceptions that remain, an increasing number of males are again choosing to wear jewellery on a day-to-day basis.

As a fashion conscious society, we constantly try to keep up with trends and the latest example of this is men’s jewellery. The term masculinity has been redefined in more recent years, giving males the opportunity to express their personality and style through unique yet classic fashion pieces.

The market is certainly not short of men’s jewellery – from watches, to rings, to necklaces, to earrings to cufflinks – however there is a certain art associated with men’s jewellery and knowing how to match pieces and how much jewellery to wear at one time will be the difference between looking trendy and tasteless.

What Looks Best?

When you think of jewellery, you can often end up picturing flowery necklaces and huge statement rings – but fear not, there are plenty of jewellery pieces that boast classic style and are suitable for men – you just need to know what suits you best!

  • Rings have been fashionable for years and are great for dressing up an outfit for a formal occasion. Although it is mainly youngsters who have hopped on board with the trend, that’s not to say that men of all ages can’t try out a few classic rings. Rings are great as they don’t have to be costly like engagement or wedding rings, you can pick up a multipack from a range of retail stores for a small price.
  • Another great addition to any outfit is a watch. Wearing a watch in a meeting or to a networking event is a great way of showing your punctuality in any professional working environment. Both classic analogue watches and contemporary digital watches can also make an eye-catching statement whilst brightening up any day-to-day outfit.
  • Cufflinks and tie-bars offer the smart and professional appearance that is essential for any well dressed businessman.
  • Ear piercing is the most popular among men and wearing a simple stud earring can make a statement and dress up an outfit.

What Should I Avoid?

Whilst there are no rules as to what jewellery men can or cannot wear, there are general expectations. If you’re wearing jewellery in order to add to and modernise your classic style then you should probably avoid any eccentric face or body piercings.

When it comes to necklaces, there is a fine line between looking stylish and looking foolish. Provided you wear necklaces in the correct environment with the right style of clothing, they can be a great accessory. When wearing both bracelets and necklaces, you should make sure that you don’t wear more than two at a time otherwise your style could become overpowering.

Whether you prefer a single ring or a collection of them, an analogue watch or a digital watch or one gold chain or six, it is important that you wear your accessories with complete confidence. Essentially, it comes down to feeling great yet comfortable and the chances are if you embrace the style, you’ll look fashionable and turn heads wherever you go!

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