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If you are someone who is in a relationship and wants to see your single friends with a suitable partner, you have probably recommended they try one of the popular online dating sites. Or, you may have wished to introduce them to other single people in your circle of friends, but find it difficult to get everyone together at the same time. We believe that we may have found the perfect solution, and it comes in the shape of an excellent app called Spritzr. Before we go on, Spritzr is not a conventional dating site, as you will see.

The problem with the traditional dating sites is that the information is all brought together by computer, so the chance of you finding a good match is limited. After all, the computer doesn’t know you, but your friends do, and this is where Spritzr wins hands down. is a matchmaking app that allows you to personally recommend your single friends to each other, so you are matching genuine people on their personalities. It’s easy to see, then, why those would be more successful than a standard dating site, and it’s also a lot more fun – both for you, and for your friends.

How Spritzr Works

Spritzer is easy to use; it’s available as both an Android Match Maker App and for use on iPhone operating systems, so you are sure to be covered. As a match maker, you simply sign up and connect with Facebook – your friends list is the main source for recommendations, and they guarantee not to ever put anything on your page – and start recommending friends for each other. Each successful match earns you Karma Points, which highlight your success as matchmaker.

As a single or dater, you follow the same routine and fill in a quick profile, and wait for your friends to suggest other friends to you as a suitable match. It’s like going to a party and being introduced to friends of friends, but without the hassle of face to face meetings in front of other people, and with no pressure whatsoever. Spritzr is designed to be fun for all, and as it uses genuine knowledge rather than computer algorithms, you have a better chance of a good match.

Sign Up and Have Fun

It’s no lie to say that dating can be stressful, but at least with Spritzr you know you are getting recommendations from a friend. It’s a well-designed iPhone Match Maker App, and we reckon as more people discover it, it will become one of the most popular apps of all. We believe it is excellent fun for all who use it, and as it may well find you or your friends their perfect match, what is not to like?

We invite you to have a closer look at the Spritzr website and see just how it works – there is plenty of information for you on there – and sign up for match making and dating fun with a difference.

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