Many UK Men ‘Health Holiday’ to Exclusive Rehabs in Cape Town

The idea of the ‘health holiday’ is nothing new, and indeed it is a fact that many people travel to foreign countries to get help with various conditions. The benefits can be considerable, especially in terms of saving money. Where the exchange rate is favourable it can be very helpful to travel abroad for treatment you would have to pay for at home, or to enter rehab, which is what we are talking about today.

Why are we on this subject? Well, I came across an interesting blog entry on the subject of Rapid Personal Transformation, of which more in a moment, that got me thinking. The simple fact is this: like many men and women in the UK, I like a drink or two. Socialising in a pub or bar is a great way of relaxing and getting some welcome time away from work, and a few glasses of wine at home, well, everyone does it! The problem is that the drinking culture in the UK is one that is readily embraced, yet it can also encourage some people to go over the top, and drink too much to be healthy.

That’s why the article I mentioned interested me, and even more so because it highlights the fact that many UK men are seeking rehab options not at home, but in Cape Town, South Africa, of all places! Why is this? A favourable exchange rate, great prices to start with, and available expert help dealing in some innovative methods of recovery all play a part.

Trauma Based Recovery

What especially interested me was that one leading rehab centre, Recovery Direct, bases its methods entirely around trauma based recovery methods. Thus, it uses as its basis the methods used in approaching Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which are proven and known. There is a great video that tells you the basics behind their methods, and it makes for interesting viewing.

The number of people who have attended the clinic and used these methods, and are satisfied with the results, prove that this is a successful method of treating alcohol addiction, and one that – thanks to the costs applied and the benefits of converting Sterling to Rand – also save a great deal of money over seeking treatment for alcoholism at home.

Getting Started

Many of use know that we drink too much, and that we may have a dependency problem, but tend to do nothing about it. It’s not unusual, because the first step to treating any addiction involves accepting your are addicted. This isn’t an easy step to take, yet if you know there is a successful treatment programme readily available, and there is at Recovery Direct, it will inspire you to take the steps needed.

In fact, getting completely away from the influences that cause you to drink – those you find at home in the UK – is a major bonus point, so if you think you need help, contact the team at Recovery Direct now, and they will do all they can to help.

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