Looking After Yourself During Tougher Times


Life is full of ups and downs; we know that much. This odd gift we have all been graced with allows us to feel some of the greatest fathomable pleasures. We get to enjoy some of the craziest and awe-inspiring experiences during our ninety-something years on this planet. On the flip side, however, there are times that, through no fault of our own, can get us down and seemingly stuck.

We know that, in societal terms, being a male means you get a slight advantage in life, but that doesn’t always make everything easier, does it? We all go through problems equally – whether it’s in our heads or whether stuff outside of our control. Many argue that men have a tougher time when issues arise as they’ve, more often than not, been told to ‘man up’ whenever something goes a little south. It’s, of course, nonsense that gender determines how you feel in your head when certain situations happen – so let’s put that idea to rest.

If you’re a dude currently going through a slightly rough time of late, and your day-to-day life is being affected buy it, then it’s not something you should just brush aside with bleak hope that it vanishes into thin air. Let’s have a little look at a few things you should consider doing if you wish to get back into the swing of things.     

Organize Yourself

When you’re not quite feeling yourself, the prospect of just picking yourself up and moving on with your life seems like climbing Everest – even if you’re a very mentally strong personality. A good way to get yourself motivated and comfortable with everything again is to plan it all out. If you have an idea of what you’re going to do in the day or the week, then leaps become small steps. This little written schedule doesn’t need to be anything complicated or strict, just something that stops all of the congestion in your mind and makes what you have ahead of you a clearer path.     

Find A Comfortable Routine

Some people don’t like getting into routines because they may get a little too comfy and stuck in it. But if you feel you need to get out of your situation, then a nice little pattern could get you moving. You could create a little morning routine, an evening one, or have a full day with a certain itinerary. It’s very common for people to have a night-time regime so that they have a good night’s sleep ready for the next day.    

Talk To Someone

Keeping things bottled up will not help you at all. It might for a little while, but the chances are that the issues will eat away at you after so long. Whatever the issues are, it’s best to open up to somebody who’ll listen. The feeling of setting problems free is a great relief, and those listening will absolutely want to see you in a better way. Friends, family or doctors will all be able to see things from a different perspective compared to your own skewed prism of things.

See A Professional

Here we’ll be following on from the idea of talking to people and letting some of that inner stress, worry and tension free. There are men and women out there specialize is fixing whatever issues you may have in your head. Even if the times you’re going through right now aren’t exclusively mental, you’re bound to be affected by it upstairs, and they’ll help you get to the bottom of whatever’s going on. They’ll be able to educate you along the way and train you so that you can handle this kind of thing if it ever flares up again.

Do A Little Exercise

When you’re struggling, being told to just go for a run is really, really annoying. Being told that being active will solve all of your problems makes you feel as though it’ll just exacerbate everything. After all, how is a higher heart rate going to restore balance in the universe? Well, it won’t fix anything straight away, but the positivity and the confidence you get from doing a little cardio or lifting some weights is crazy – it’s like a natural antidepressant. With confidence and a little more positivity, you’ll be able to approach things from a slightly new perspective.    

Work On Your Diet

This is similar to working out in that what you eat directly affects how your mood and your attitude towards things works. If you don’t get enough food into your system, you’re going to be cranky and have very little energy – it won’t be a fun day. Likewise, if you have nothing but junk all of the time, it’s just going to make you lethargic and make you worry about how you look (we all worry about that). You’ve got to drink a lot of water, too. Being told to drink water is annoying, yes, but so much unnecessary stress that comes from a little dehydration.     

Fix Up Your Appearance

It doesn’t make you an overly self-obsessed, vain dude. Taking care of the way you look is a completely normal thing. We all want to be fresh – even those that pretend they don’t. When you’re happy with yourself, that’s a good foundation to work with. If you want to shake things up then you should go right ahead – whether you want to shake up your dress sense, hit the gym or get a hair transplant, you should be free to show off yourself. Being complimented on something you’ve worked on is a great feeling, so go out there and graft!  

Look Online  

There will be people out there that are going through similar things – whether it’s close and personal or whether it’s something to do with work (or something else external). If you do a little research online, you’ll find something. Forums, articles, video sharing websites: billions of humans ploughing billions of content online. If you’re on your own here, then you should also eat your hat!

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