Look Smart, Stylish, and Sexy With This One Accessory

Sometime between the seventh pair of cufflinks my boyfriend bought and the fifth hat he invested in, I found myself staring at a closet brimming with ties, braces, and a couple of other accessories and no clue on how I could take the boredom out of my man’s style. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when he wears a shirt with a great pair of cufflinks, and hats are perfect when his hair just won’t stay put but still, I wanted to change his whole look up with an accessory, rather than having to spend a lot of money on a whole new wardrobe.

Over the years I have had him wear almost every kind of accessory you can imagine, from dangling ear cuffs to string necklaces and even braided anklets. But one thing that I have never had him try before, primarily because he had no use for them, was a pair of reading glasses. I mean, really, a good pair of perfectly fitted reading glasses can make a guy look smart, stylish and utterly sexy. I never thought I’d look forward to seeing my man put on those frames, but now it’s something I am enamoured with.

Because we want to help all of you guys out there, we have gathered some tips that will help you make your glasses – prescribed or not – work for you and your everyday style.

Look Smart, Stylish, and Sexy With This One Accessory


This is an easy one. Working in an environment where a suit is a must, it’s best to wear a full suit with a pair of horn rimmed eyeglasses. Channelling old Hollywood actors, these retro frames are professional yet stylish to bring fun with class to the everyday work suit.

Look Smart, Stylish, and Sexy With This One Accessory5

For a Date

When it is time to loosen up for a date, my boyfriend sports a pair of sleek pants and a skinny shirt with his round rimmed green tortoise sunglasses. The frame is quirky enough and the tortoise colour draws attention to his eyes – this can work for men who have beautiful or “soulful” eyes.

Look Smart, Stylish, and Sexy With This One Accessory3

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Street style cool

During your off days, when errands, brunch or an afternoon beer is in order, you can simply put on a pair of dark denim trousers and a knitted shirt, and accessorize with rectangular framed eyeglasses. Channelling Clark Kent, these frames are smart looking while the rest of your outfit is more casual. When the weather is really cold, my boyfriend tops the look off with a high-collared long coat for a suave street style look.

Evening wear

When it comes to formal wear, then the right pair of eyeglasses will depend on the occasion. You can wear your round rimmed eyeglasses with a full suit and a horn rimmed pair with a tux for black tie events.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to eyeglasses! These days you can easily find reclaimed vintage pieces as well as handmade ones, not to mention the commercial frames everywhere. All you need to figure out is the best frame for your face and the places you want to rock the shades, bring some confidence to your bones and dominate the streets in style!

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