How to Look Good and Be Confident on a Date


A good date requires a great deal of work. While there are constant jokes about how women work to look their best, men need to be on the ball as well. Below are a few tips for how to look good and be confident on a date.


The first step towards looking great for a date shouldn’t be surprising – you need to take a shower. While you’d think that knocking out the basics would be a given, there are some that don’t think that far ahead. Don’t come straight from the gym or work on a first date – take some time to get clean. Typically, it’s a good idea to skip anything scented that’s not a very subtle cologne or aftershave. Don’t do anything with your hygiene routine that’s going to overpower your date. As long as you smell clean, you’ll have this step down.

Dressing Right

Next up comes the clothing. You don’t have to be the world’s snappiest dresser to get a second date, but you do need to put in at least a little work. The key here isn’t necessarily what you wear, but rather how it fits. Avoid clothing that’s too loose or too tight by finding a happy medium. If the place you are going to isn’t that formal, a nice pair of jeans and a clean button-up shirt will do nicely. If you’re going more fancy, think about what you’d wear to a casual meeting with your boss.

Care for Hair

Don’t get a haircut right before your date! Either get it a few days before or grab a trim. If you don’t have enough hair for styling or a cut, it’s time to make a hard choice. If you’ve got the confidence, it’s probably time to shave your head. A good, close shave looks great and masculine. If shaving your head isn’t going to look right, it might be time to consider hair loss solutions like scalp micropigmentation (aka a hair tattoo). The most important thing is that your hair looks natural – trim it, shave it, or have it replaced but don’t try to hide the fact that you are going bald!

General Demeanor

Finally, you’ll want to work on your demeanor. The key to confidence on the first date is to think of it like a social interview. You are trying to present the best version of yourself so that you can see this person again. Be the version of yourself that other people want to spend time around. If the other person isn’t attracted, there’s not much you can do. Remember, this is a first date and not a serious relationship – if it fails, you can always move on.

A successful first date is a combination of looking good and acting properly. Give yourself a chance to look your best and to act your best and the odds are in favor of getting another date. Don’t put yourself in the position of thinking the world revolves around this date, but give it the respect the date deserves. With a little work, it could turn into something more.

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