How to Look Your Best at The Gym

Remember the first and foremost rule of life: thou can never be too well-dressed. Not even for the gym. You owe it to yourself to always look good, smell good, and act like a gentleman. So, what are the best style tips that will have you not only turning heads while working up a sweat, but also looking so good you could go out on the town right after? Scroll down and find out.

Simplicity and Illusion

Think simple. A real man is dressed to impress, and if you want to look like a man rather than a fitness fanboy, you will stick to clothes quite similar to a casual outdoor outfit – minus the wingtips. Pick those articles of clothing that accentuate your aesthetics and cover up the areas you’re not as proud of.

In that regard, if your legs are still “under construction”, choose tapered at-the-knee shorts with high-top sneakers – this will make your calves seem bigger while masking the thighs look buffer than they actually are.

Similarly, choosing the right t-shirt will be key. Avoid anything with big logos or quotes and keep it minimalistic – big brands have minimalist designs that work really well. If you have lengthy arms, you are better off wearing a fitted t-shirt as the sleeves will give the illusion of bigger arms, while shorter gentlemen can wear a tank top or a sleeveless t-shirt so that they seem taller and more toned.

You can always have a simple boxing hoodie at hand, not only to keep you warm but to add to the overall physique. When you are warmed-up and your muscles are pumped with blood, you can change into a t-shirt.

Lastly, sweatpants have to be fitted and tapered so that they look and feel like stylish, casual outwear rather than raw sportswear. They should be made out of quality cotton that will let your skin breathe and prevent rashes. Do not wear nylon tracksuits to the gym. Not only will you look like you came straight out of Trainspotting, but you will also be dealing with rashes for days.

Accessorize Where Needed

Accessories are worn like a perfume – tastefully and only where needed. Some accessories are important for your overall performance in training, while other types of accessories are completely unnecessary. Proper gym wear for men should be both stylish and functional. You don’t need a snapback, you might need wrist wraps or knee sleeves.

If you take good care of your hair, as you should, don’t ruin the style by compressing the haircut with a hat, rather let it accentuate your facial features and overall aesthetics. Keeping that in mind, think about the accessories you absolutely need and add them to your style.

If your wrists hurt from heavy pressing movements, then use wrist wraps as they will not only help with the pain, but will also make your forearms look bigger. Similarly, you can use knee sleeves or knee wraps to keep your knees warm but also make your legs look bigger. Avoid using a weightlifting belt, as you don’t really need one if you are healthy and practice proper form. A belt will make your waist look bigger and it will prevent you from fully developing your core.

And there you go, looking good at the gym doesn’t have to be a science, it can be very easy and fun. Make sure you stick to being your stylish, gentlemanly self at all times and you’ll have no problems dazzling everyone at the gym with your unique, manly appearance!

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