Inversion Tables for the Modern Man

Back pain relief is the biggest reason why most men use inversion tables. However, there are a plethora of other benefits and reasons why inversion tables are such a good investment for your physical fitness and well-being in the following article we look at why inversion tables are definitely for the modern man.

Back Pain

As noted at the outset, this is the biggie. The main reason why men use inversion tables. If you are reading this, hoping that it will tell you that it can help your back pain, you’re in good fortune. It can. Decompression is the key. This is a stretch that differs greatly from others.

Unlike the usual stretches this uses gravity and your own weight to elongate your spine and alleviate your back pain. As the joints that usually bear the weight are decompressed by the same amount as those that compress them, they get the best amount of relief.


If you’re feeling tension and stress and have shoulder pain or neck pain. It may even be that your posture is bad or you suffer from horrible headaches. Whatever it is, it’s probably causing your muscles a huge amount of stress. They have to compensate and tighten for bad posture and misalignment which in turn gives you headaches and also backache. Muscle tension can even affect your mood in time. Your sleep patterns can start to be affected. Using an inversion table though can lengthen out the muscles that support your spine and this helps to correct your posture by encouraging your body to adopt the right posture.

Stretching after Exercise

Although working out is important, it can have a particularly compressive effect on your body. This is especially true if you’ve been doing dead lifts or weighted squats. However, stretching for just a couple of minutes on an inversion table once you’ve finished your workout, could help to decompress the spine and elongate your body to loosen up your muscles and reduce soreness.

Strengthening Core

Strong lower back muscles, external and internal obliques and abs are all important for giving your torso the support it needs. Having a strong core helps you to maintain flexibility, good blood circulation and posture When you do crunches on an inversion table, this is an intensive and challenging way to establish and tone the muscles in your core.

Wake Yourself Up in The Morning

Do you struggle with mornings sometimes, or most times? You could find using an inversion table first thing in the morning to be a great way to get your day off to a good start. It sends lots of extra oxygen to your brain that is like drinking two cups of coffee without the wait for caffeine to work its magic. Inversion first thing in the morning can also help to loosen you up if you feel particularly stiff first thing

The great thing is, and its true of most uses of an inversion table, is that it only takes a few minutes at the right angle for it to have the desired effect.

So, we hope we shown that if you’ve been on the fence about inversion tables, why it might be good to incorporate one into your daily routine, if you are unsure which is the best to buy, check out the best inversion tables of 2018.


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