How Vaping Could Help You Quit Smoking



‘Vaping’, now a commonplace term for both smokers and non-smokers alike, could actually help even the heaviest of smokers quit the unhealthy habit. E-cigarettes are one of the newest – and most successful – stop smoking aids to become available on the market, and yes, they really can help you to stop smoking.

The vaping phenomenon has gained a lot of negative press in the form of sensationalised news stories that aim to instil fear throughout its reign as the UK’s number one stop smoking aid. But a change to advertising regulations surrounding e-cigarettes means that vape companies can now fight back by communicating the health and safety benefits of vaping as opposed to smoking.

Backed by advertising authorities, the government and health institutions, making the switch from smoking to vaping is becoming increasingly popular, but why? Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding vaping and e-cigarettes so you can decide whether you should make the switch (spoiler: you definitely should).

What are e-cigarettes and how do they work?

E-cigarettes, also dubbed e-cigs and vapes, are handheld electronic devices that stimulate the feeling of smoking a cigarette. E-cigs allow you to inhale nicotine in a water vapour form rather than in harmful tobacco smoke.

The electronic cigarette will heat a solution called e-liquid (also commonly referred to as e-juice), which typically contains nicotine, but doesn’t have to, depending on your personal preference. The liquid also contains propylene and/or vegetable glycerine as well as flavourings which are all relatively unharmful. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs don’t produce toxic substances such as tar and carbon monoxide, making them a far healthier and safer alternative.

What makes e-cigarettes safer than tobacco cigarettes?

Whilst not without risks, e-cigarettes are far less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, 95% less harmful to be precise. E-cigarettes do contain potentially harmful chemicals also found in tobacco smoke, but at much lower levels, and as mentioned before, e-cigs do not produce dangerous substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. Even those e-cigs that contain nicotine pose minimal health risks.

There hasn’t been a single death linked to vaping or e-cigarettes since their introduction more than a decade ago – compare that with the 100,000 smoking related deaths every year in the UK, and you can see which is going to be better for your long-term health.

What are the different types of e-cigarettes and which should I choose?

  • Vape pens are probably the most common type of e-cigarette due to their small and practical size as well as their long lasting, rechargeable batteries.
  • Cigalikes have a visual resemblance to tobacco cigarettes with small rechargeable or disposable batteries.
  • Pod systems, which are compact rechargeable devices, are another popular type of e-cigarette. Pod systems tend to have distinct shapes that look like USB sticks or small pebbles.
  • Mods are the largest e-cigarette devices with a refillable tank, long lasting, rechargeable batteries and variable power.

If you’re a heavy smoker then you should look towards purchasing vape pens, pod systems or mods as they deliver nicotine faster than a disposable model, which ultimately increases your chances of quitting. For light smokers, cigalike e-cigs could be the one for you.

So, should you make the switch?

Short answer: yes you should.

Thousands of people in the UK have already quit smoking with the help of an e-cigarette. So if you want to make positive changes to your health and wellbeing this year, then make the switch from smoking to vaping today. Your body will thank you for it.

Specialist vape shops can offer some great advice and insight, so if you want to know more about e-cigarettes or if you have a burning vape related question, why not get in touch?

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