How To Refresh Your Wardrobe

Hands up if this sounds familiar: you’re about to go out for the night. It’s a special night – maybe a first date, office party, or a birthday do at a fancy bar – and you want to look your best. You’ve showered, you’ve shaved, you open your wardrobe…and it’s the most depressingly boring thing you’ve ever seen in your life.

It’s easy to joke, but we’ve all had that wardrobe woe at some point. Getting a style update can be boring and frustrating, but don’t worry: this guide is here to help you through, from tips on harnessing Persil power to freshen up something dusty and old to advice on buying something completely new.

How do you know if it’s time for a change? You might notice that you’ve been wearing the same three jackets on rotation for months. You might realise, suddenly, that you’ve owned all of your clothes for two years or more. Someone close to you might have staged an intervention. Or you might just have decided you want to try something different.

The first thing to do is call in reinforcements. Pick someone you trust. It could be your girlfriend or boyfriend, your best mate, your mum, or even that friend from work who keeps teasing you about your taste in shirts. Find a good playlist and some quality snacks, and take a look at what’s already in your wardrobe. Dig deep – some things have probably been in there for years, and there could be some hidden treasures (or unimaginable horrors).

Be honest with yourself about what you’re going to wear in the future. If it’s too tight, get rid of it – there’s no point in hanging onto something that doesn’t fit in the hope you’ll lose those extra inches. If it’s got holes or missing buttons, bin it. If it’s got a weird smell even fabric spray or Persil power can’t fix, bin it. If you can’t list at least one time you’re going to wear it in the next three months, get rid of it. Be ruthless – it’s the only way to get the job done. Your fashionable friend will help keep you honest.

As you’re sorting, make a note of the things you wore most and loved best. This is what you’ll be looking to replace. You probably wear specific clothes for work, so keep in mind which of your clothes have worked best for you. If your favourite old leather jacket is headed for the great recycling bin in the sky, you’ll want to find a specific replacement, pronto. If there are any wardrobe staples you don’t have and could use, make a note of that too. Everyone needs a good white shirt and a sturdy pair of jeans, for example.

If you’re taking your clothes to the charity shop, remember to give them one last wash and use Persil power to banish any stains that might make them hard to sell on. Keep an eye out while you’re dropping them off, too – if you’re looking for a bargain, a charity shop could be a pretty good place to start. Otherwise, you have your list, so it’s time to hit the shops.

Hopefully you’ve found a few useful suggestions to break you out of your wardrobe rut. Go forth and find your new style!

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