How To Make Your Old Car Look Like New In 6 Simple Steps

The modern gentleman doesn’t get away with a car that looks like it has been physically beaten! No, you need something that looks newer, more modern and is suitable for your lifestyle. But, not all of us have the money to go out and buy something completely brand-new. There’s a lot of life left in your motor, and by doing the right things, you can make it look like new again. Read on for some tips on how to do this properly.


1. Get It In Working Order

Before you even bother tackling the rest of it, you’ve got to get that old car in working order. If there are repairs that you’ve been putting off, you need to get them done. You don’t want to be taking someone on a date and finding that the engine packs up halfway! Not only is it important for your car, but your safety is at risk if you aren’t paying attention to repairs. Take the time now to get it into working order, and then you can start looking at the extra stuff. If the costs are just too high, you might have to think about buying a new car altogether.

2. Upgrade Exterior Parts

Next, we’re onto the exterior. You’ve got everything into working order, so now it’s time to focus purely on the look of the vehicle. Let’s think about what makes up the exterior. The first and most obvious thing many people notice are the tyres. Upgrading your tyres will not only result in a better look but better performance as well. Make sure you’re buying quality, whether it’s Pirelli tyres or Continental tyres. Never go for the cheap option, as you’ll be sacrificing both the look and the performance of the vehicle. There are other exterior elements you can focus on, too, as we’ll discuss a little later.


3. Work On The Interior

The interior is just as important as the exterior. It’s also much easier to let the interior get into a worse state as you’re spending so much time in it. Seats will start to deteriorate after excessive usage, so take this time to perform some maintenance on them. Either fix the problems that exist or splash some cash and replace them entirely. You can also think about working on the dashboard, which gets scattered with marks over time.

4. Upgrade In-Car Entertainment

These days, cars are packed with all sorts of technological features. The great thing about in-car entertainment is that it isn’t tough to implement. You can take the time to upgrade your sound system relatively easily if you know what you’re doing. Alternatively, a good mechanic will get it done for you with ease. Adding a new radio or MP3 system is a piece of cake, and you can even take it one step further with video! That’s not the limit, of course. There is Bluetooth integration for calls, and GPS services that’ll help you get to your destination. The sky’s the limit, and it’ll all help to make your car look extra modern.


5. Give It A Paint Job

We’re back to that exterior topic all over again! One of the most prominent ways of making your car stand out is to give it a paint job. Over time, the paintwork on a car starts to deteriorate. Cracks will form, the paint will chip, and your car simply won’t look like it used to. If you’re willing to spend a bit of cash, why not give it a brand-new coating of paint? When trusted in the hands of a professional, a paint job can make it look literally brand-new. Some people won’t even realise it’s the same car! That’s the impression you want to make.

6. Clean It!

You can do everything we’ve talked about on this list, but if you don’t clean it, there’s no point. Cars simply don’t look brand-new if they’re coated in mud and in desperate need of a clean. The best part about this is that it’s so easy to do! You can get a bucket and sponge and clean it yourself if you want to. Alternatively, seek the services of a car wash to apply wax and make it sparkle. The latter option is the preferred one, but it really doesn’t matter. As long as you clean it, it’ll look good.

Final Words…

Despite what we’ve said, sometimes, it’s simply not worth sticking with your old car. Before we wrap this article up, here are some reasons why you might want to ditch it entirely.

  • High Mileage
  • Irreparable Damage
  • High Repair Costs
  • Lacking Power
  • Unsafe To Drive

Good luck!

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