How to Buy Gifts for All Your Friends

Your average person has a wide variety of friends. They’re not all the same. Some of your friends will be suit-wearing workaholics who almost live in their office. Some will seem to care more about jogging and bodybuilding than they do about you, but you love them anyway. If all your friends had the exact same personality and interests, your life would be pretty darn boring!

So if you’re ever stuck for gift ideas when it comes to all those friends, we’ve got you covered. Here are some quick suggestions. They’re sure to put a smile on those varied faces!

The sports fanatic

Even if you loathe sports with the fiery power of a thousand suns, you’re sure to be friends with at least one sports nerd. Thankfully, there are a bunch of great gifts out there for sports nuts. They can be fairly obvious choices, like new baseball bats or soccer balls. But you could choose something really unconventional. How about strawberries decorated to look like various sports balls?

If they’re not much of a fruit fan, consider getting them a classic sports movie on DVD or Blu-ray. Who could say to Raging Bull? Field of Dreams? The Waterboy? (Actually, don’t get them The Waterboy. That film was awful.)

The metalhead

There’s always someone we know that’s massively into heavy metal music. Even if they were the people you avoided in school, eventually you’ll find yourself rubbing shoulders with one. Every office has a metalhead! The good thing about metalheads is that they usually have a great sense of self-deprecating humor, which works well when you need to buy a gift.



If they’re a booze fan, you could look into getting them some metal-inspired vodka. If it’s Christmas time, then there are always metal Christmas sweaters. (It’s actually a really big thing in the metal community. Seriously.) Or you could give them something for their grooming routines. A metalhead isn’t really a metalhead without s prominent beard, right? So get them some beard oils to help them keep it lush.

The fitness freak

People who are into fitness and little else can seem a little tricky to buy for. Isn’t everything they’d be interested in super expensive? Professional sneakers, gym memberships, that kind of thing?



Getting your fitness freak friend a fun and practical gift may be easier than you think. If they’re out running and using their phone to listen to music while they do, then help them out with an iPod Shuffle. Or if they’re worried about their diet, try getting them one of these magic scales that help count calories as well as food weight!

The workaholic

Sometimes, it can seems like giving a workaholic a gift would be a waste of time, effort and money. What does such a busy bee need with a fun gift, anyway? They’ll probably just give you an odd look, tell you off for distracting them from work, then get back to their job. But it is possible to put a smile on the face of a serious businessman.



The trick is to get them something really useful. Even something as simple as a nice pen and notebook combo wouldn’t go amiss. And anything that will save them time when they’re doing things other than work would also work. Slow cookers and automatic vacuum cleaners are good examples!

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