A Guys’ Guide to Holidaying with Friends in Bali


Time to feel young again with a trip to Bali, just you and the boys. Girlfriends and wives are left behind this trip, for it’s time for a holiday with friends. Book yourself a private pool luxury villa with a hot location in one of Bali’s buzzing beach towns such as Seminyak, a villa from where you can walk to the beach and explore all of the beach clubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Good vibes, music, cold beers and cocktails, parties and outdoor activities, you can do all of this during your trip to Bali this year. Let the boys trip in Bali begin!

1. Endless water fun

Water is the first thing you think of when holidaying on a tropical island. Bali is one big water paradise! There is your private swimming pool where you can nicely acclimatise floating on an inflatable waterbed to the rhythm of the music with a cocktail in hand. Then, it is time to hit the beach, face the might ocean and go for a dive in the waves or even try surfing. You can also go white water rafting, canyoning (yes, it involves water in Bali), you can explore the underwater world with a diving course and have lots of fun with all kinds of water sports in Tanjung Benoa. Up for a thrilling waterslide to get your adrenaline pumping? Head to Asia’s #1 water park Waterbom in Kuta and step into the ‘climax’ where you’ll be dropped 16-meters down a sliding tube, exposing you to 2.5’G’s. Who dares?

2. Sunrise trekking at Mount Batur

It always bonds to face a challenge and achieve something great together. Climbing to the summit of Mount Batur, a majestic holy volcano of Bali Island, is certainly not an easy task but it is super rewarding! This hiking adventure starts late in the evening or around midnight, depending on where on the island you are staying. You’ll be picked up at your villa and dropped off at the starting point of you nightly volcano climbing adventure. You will be hiking for hours and reach the top of the volcano just before sunrise. Brace yourselves as the magic happens – the view of the sunrise at this volcano’s summit is mind-blowing!

3. Day Cruise to Nusa Lembongan

What could be better than hiring a private yacht to go cruise deep blue sea towards Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, beautiful islands surrounded by perfect snorkeling waters? Your captain will know the way, and he knows where to stop for the best snorkeling spots. In the meantime, you guys can sit on deck, enjoying the seabreeze, some good music, the best company and some ice cold beers. You also get to enjoy lunch, dinner and sunset cocktails on the deck, making it more than an amazing day out at sea!

4. Rent a scooter and explore the island

The best way to explore Bali Island is on a motorbike. It gives all the freedom one needs to stop wherever you feel like and with a GoPro Camera, you can make fun videos of your island trip. Go drive along the coastline and through the mountains and valleys of Bali. The views are stunning and once you get out of the city, roads a mostly quiet. Nothing beats this! Do make sure you wear a helmet, don’t drink and drive and don’t speed! Read more about scooter rental in Bali here.

5. Party in Kuta & Seminyak

Last but not least, a holiday with friends is not complete without some partying. Spend a few days just hanging around in the same villa, sleeping late, swimming in the pool, making and inventing your own cocktails and catching the sunrise while lounging at famous beach clubs such as KU DE TA, Potato Head and La Laguna. Afterwards, go party all night long, exploring the buzzing nightlife of Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu.


Written by Stephanie of Villa-Finder.com

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