Gift Suggestions For The Cat Lovers In Your Life!



Gents, are you having trouble buying a memorable gift for that woman in your life?  Whether it is your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, aunty or even grandmother; you want to buy them something that shows you love them and put a lot of thought and consideration into their gift.  However, what if they are not a straightforward sort of woman to buy for and are notoriously fussy?  Whereas anyone else would be happy with a nice bouquet of flowers, some nice perfume, they wouldn’t and you know it.  What do you do?

It may be time to think outside the box a little and think about something they really like in life apart from you.  If they are an animal lover, do they love cats in particular for instance?  If they do, it may well be time to head over to to invest in a feline-inspired clothing gift or accessory for the special woman in your life.  To give you a head start we have highlighted some of our favourite gift ideas below.

Cat-Inspired T-Shirts And Sweatshirts

Who really can have enough t-shirts and long sleeved tops?  If you want to buy something that is a bit quirky while also being incredibly functional, you could choose one of the fun t-shirt or sweater designs.  There is something to suit all styles from the humorous “Crazy Cat Lady” emblazoned tee to the very pretty Arty Cat print and the rather elegant sweatshirt that features cat ears, whiskers and Meow across the front.

Sexy Cat Stockings

Does your wife or girlfriend like hosiery?  If so, Catify may have just what you need for that tricky to buy for woman in your life.  They have the very quirky, but still very sexy Eye-Catching Cat Stockings, that feature cats.  Black in colour, the front of them features the front of a black cat and the back, the tail end.  Although a bit of a novelty, when paired with the right kind of outfit, they could still be used for a night on the town.

Catty Influenced Socks And Hats

Without wishing to make it sound like we are making a sweeping generalisation, most women like good quality and a wide range of clothing accessories such as socks and hats.  Why not consider getting them the accessories they need and want, with that distinct cat-flavour you know they will love.  From Catify, you can get cat beanies that resemble the top of cat’s heads.  While these are obviously incredibly cute and quirky, they also do the job they were intended to, are comfortable and come in a wide selection of different colours.

You will also find a nice choice of unique kitten socks to choose from.  There are four different colour schemes and as they are made from cotton, you know they will be very snug, warm and help to keep that special woman in your life’s toes and feet in perfect condition.

Now the above list is not exhaustive as we just wanted to give you an idea of what’s out there.  If that special woman you are buying for is a cat lover, you should be able to find a suitable clothing gift from Catify that will show her how much you love and cherish her.

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