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Everyone wants to find a special person, a life partner, but it’s not always easy. In these days of social media we all have extended circles of friends, and we socialise not only when going out, but also when staying in at home. Friends on the other side of the world are available to talk to in real time, at the touch of a button, as are those who may live down the road, so how can we use this network of communication to help others find their perfect match? Matchmaking is not new; it’s been performed in many ways for as long as we have existed.

We all know the scene: you and a group of friends meet, for example, in a bar, and you introduce friend A to friend B. Sometimes things work out, but other times it can be embarrassing for all involved. Now, however, there is a method of matchmaking that allows you to introduce people to one another without the risk of embarrassment: it’s a brilliant dating app called Spritzr, and it is changing the way we bring people together. What’s it all about? Let us tell you how it works.

Matchmaking Made Easy

Spritzr is a free matchmaking app with a difference, and one that is available on both iPhone and Android operating systems. It takes the benefits of social media to a new level by utilising the information on your Facebook friends list. The major difference is this: where a traditional dating site uses algorithms to make suitable matches – often with very poor results – Spritzr lets you do the matching. The benefit of this is clear: you know your friends, so you will be able to decide who may be suitable for who. Once you decide on a match you use the app to tell the people concerned, and they have the option of accepting or declining the match. It’s that simple, and it is also great fun!

This handy iTune matchmaking app is already winning many friends, and with the added fun of knowing you are bringing friends together without the potential for embarrassing moments in front of others you are giving them the chance to get to know each other online in the first instance. It’s a great way of matching singles, and encouraging your friends to broaden their horizons.

Bring Friends Together

It’s a great feeling when you introduce two friends and they turn out to be right for each other, and one that brings a smile to your face. The Spritzr matchmaking app makes it easy to choose the right people to match, and it’s free to use. You also get the opportunity to earn points and take your place on a leader board, with each successful match advancing you up the order, on the way to special opportunities for the best performers.

Have a closer look at the Spritzr website now for more information on how it works, and start matching your friends for a brighter future.

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