How I fell in Love on an Asian Dating Website

Finding love online with Asian dating

Asian Dating sites

Dating websites like Тinder and OkCupid are effective and popular, but there are many other sites that work just as well, and sometimes even more so. As a man with a history of dating Asian women, I wanted to find an Asian dating website. Although I was unsure if such a website could be considered credible, I nevertheless struck out and conducted a search. After combing through spam and bots, I landed on Unlike other places I found myself on online, this was an Asian dating site with a user-friendly interface. The profiles displayed pictures of pretty girls engaged in their hobbies and having fun with their friends, a far-cry from other sites that wanted you to believe you were talking to supermodels who actually weren’t. In other words, this was an Asian dating website that featured real girls, and allowed for easy communication with the ones in my area.


Starting the Asian Dating Process

My venture on the Asian dating website started out with looking through different Asian women profiles and seeing how I was interested in from their pictures and their bio and interests. I initiated a conversation with a few that stood out for me. After talking to them for a while, I really started to like this one Asian girl from Thailand. I then used the “date a lady” service from the site to initiate my interest of potentially seeing this girl in person. After setting up all the details of how the dating process will go down, I bought my airplane ticket to Thailand.


First Dates

My first date with the Thai girl went very well. She was meek and rather reserved, and always covered her mouth with her hand when she laughed. After attempting to lean in for a kiss, she spoke a phrase in Thai that I was familiar with and waved me away with her finger. This is typical when it comes to Asian girls. It takes time to get them to open to you physically, so I pulled back and was happy to wait for next time before making another attempt.


Working towards love

As our conversations got into deeper and deeper topics, I really started to feel something for this Asian women. She definingly was opinionated about a few things, and I really like that. She dismissed American dating culture as too open, and full of girls who weren’t serious about relationships or the men they dated. I agreed, as my experience dating Asian girls proved that they were more feminine and respectful than Western girls. Bangs clipped straight across and hair down to her waist, I couldn’t help but fall for this girl’s cute demeanor.

A few more dates with this girl showed that she reflected what I found principally attractive about Asian girls. She was sweet and dependent, but always lavish with praise and thanks for the things I did. Before going downtown with friends, she always consulted me. As such, I still see her today, and I have an Asian dating website to thank for it.

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