Earth Networks Offers Free 30 Day Trial With Sferic Maps

Sferic mapping is one of the newest advances in weather technology, and right now, you have the chance to see what the fuss is all about without paying a dime. Here is a bit more on Sferic Map details and benefits:

Ease of Use: The interface is designed to be user friendly and compatible with both computers and mobile devices. While other programs may cause glitches or system failures, the Sferic map has been programed to work smoothly.

Lightening Network: Sferic map technology uses some of the most comprehensive technology in the world to create an effective early warning system. The network monitors cloud activity which allows for the tracking of lightening, storms and even hail.

Real Time News: The technology offers real time forecasts that you can compare the maps to other sources for accuracy and timing. While the Sferic map is extremely accurate, the extra option of layering is great for anyone that is used to cross checking or looking for a second opinion.

Custom Notifications: There is finally a system that allows you to customize your notifications to only the most relevant. You may not care about a bit of rain, but a flood or thunderstorm could derail your plans. This is where custom notifications make the difference between random alerts you get used to ignoring and relevant information that will help you plan.

Collaboration: Share important weather alerts and planning with co-workers, friends and family to help avoid being lost in a crisis. Sferic map alerts were designed for first responders, which is why they offer the best of detection and collaboration technology.

With high-end technology and the benefit of communication, Sferic maps are definitely something to consider. The 30 day trial can be started at and will include the weather radar lightning tracker.

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