Don’t Sweat It! Looking Good When Running


Is there a cooler workout than running? We certainly don’t think there is. After all, just look at how great the likes of Usain Bolt and Mo Farrah look when they are pounding the track.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy looking good when you are out running and trying to beat your personal best. You’ll end up all sweaty and exhausted, and probably won’t want to be seen by anyone in public straight after a run! However, there are some things you can do to improve your style while out running. Read on to find out more!

Train, Train, And Train!

There isn’t a quick fix to beat all that sweat and muscle pain sadly! You just need to keep on training so that your body can adapt to all this new exercise. Over time, you will find that your fitness improves and each run will start to get easier. You’ll also notice that you don’t pant or sweat quite as much! Before long, you will look very professional as you are running through the streets!


Invest In The Best Shoes

Did you know that the main reason why so many runners get injured is that they are wearing the wrong kind of shoes? It’s true! So, you can see just why it is so important that you spend plenty of money on a good pair of running shoes. Sites like can give you a good idea of the best shoes out there. You might also want to visit a running store, as many of these will analyse your gait and let you know the exact type of shoes you need.

Get The Right Gear

As well as the right shoes, you also need to wear the right gear. Not only will this help you look the part, but it will also improve your performance as well. That’s because most running tops can quickly absorb your sweat, so you won’t feel so how and sweaty while you are jogging. Remember that you need close for all seasons if you are serious about getting into running. And that means buying leggings and long-sleeve running tops as well as shorts and t-shirts.


Use Some Running Tech

Another way to look like you are at the top of your game while you are running is to use some slick running tech. For instance, if you like to listen to music when you are running, then get an iPod or other music device to listen when you are on the move. You should buy a small running bag so that you don’t have to hold your iPod in your hands for the entire run. Running with headphones in will help you look super focused! It’s also worth investing in a smartwatch or Fitbit as these can help you look cool as well as track your runs. Take a look for more ideas at

As you can see, you don’t always have to be a sweaty mess when you are running. Follow these tips to run your way to a better style!

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