Does Plastic Surgery Look Natural? Here’s How to Cheat Nature



Plastic surgery is here to stay – with more than 1.8 million procedures last year (reported only by an American source) it is hard to deny that our ideas of how to beautiful have changed for good. Whether you need work on your nose, breasts, buttocks or eyelids, it can be catered for in this year of high technological advancement in aesthetic surgery. More people are going for it, but a question remains on everyone’s lips; does it look natural? Isn’t it better to look natural anyway? In this article, we talk about how plastic surgery procedures can look effortless – specifically in this edition, the rhinoplasty.

The nose is at the centre of your face – arguably it keeps everything in balance. How then to approach this delicate area if you need some changes made? First it is best to start with a conceptual approach. In the words of plastic surgeons themselves, more is not more. If you want to keep things natural, then your surgeon should have a subtle approach to their work. If you can get away with the least number of things being changed, then you are more likely to have the subtle, natural look that everyone envies. Some of the best US surgeons state that the best outcome is a natural appearance, not perfection itself, so make sure that both you and your surgeon have this key concept in mind before any work begins.

Another important factor; ethnicity. If you have a specific ethnic background, you should take into account how your nose will be approached by the doctor. Good plastic surgeons will take this into consideration and avoid ‘westernising’ your nose, by which they mean simply making it look perfect without regard for context. Whilst this does not apply to all readers, it is certainly something that will save many clients are great deal of grief when planning who to choose as a surgeon.

Finally, have you considered every possible procedure? In high profile countries renowned for cosmetic surgery, such as the Czech Republic, it is possible to find a whole range of ways to modify your nose, from traditional procedure for rhinoplasty (which often alters the bone structure of your nose) to non-surgical procedures, such as using dermal filler to gently sculpt certain parts of the nose. This of course will be decided depending on your needs, but you want to make sure that these tools are available to you so that the most suiting method can be chosen.

Still want to look natural? With so many choices and options, we are certain that an effortless look can be achieved with the right level of consideration and care when planning your plastic surgery in Prague.

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