Deferring the Aging Process: Dermal Fillers For Men

Contrary to the popular belief, cosmetic procedures are not exclusively reserved for women. The most recent study has shown that 1 in 4 men treat themselves with dermal fillers for a rejuvenated look. Men turn to cosmetic treatments to get rid of the tired and angry look, which is a common result when deep lines occur due to the weakening of collagen and skin aging. This trend is getting so popular among men there is even a new word to describe it: “Bro-tox”. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering cosmetic fillers for a fresh, wrinkle-free skin.

Botox is not the only choice

Botox was FDA approved in 2002 as a semi-permanent treatment for improving glabellar lines. Today, it is used in other areas, too. With one treatment, you can take care of both frown lines and crow’s feet and improve the smoothness of your skin. Botox gets injected intramuscularly and is effective because it blocks nerve signals to the muscles, which softness the wrinkle lines. It’s popular because it’s non-anaesthetic, painless (although there is some discomfort), its results are quick and it doesn’t require recovery time. Although Botox is the most popular and well known cosmetic filler, it’s not the only choice you have. There are many different dermal fillers that are being used in cosmetic procedures and their formulas are constantly being improved. Most of them contain Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural product of human’s body. Unlike Botox which blocks nerve impulses that control your face’s muscles, other dermal fillers actually add volume for a younger look, filling in wrinkle lines and smoothening creases. Take advice from your doctor on what kind of synthetic or naturally-derived dermal fillers are out there and what could be the best choice for you. Don’t rely on the internet when choosing a treatment; rather schedule a consultation with an expert.

Safety of dermal fillers

Even the simplest procedures include a risk, but dermal fillers are among the safest cosmetic procedures today. There’s a risk of an allergic reaction or the formation of bumps beneath the skin, which is most often a problem that can be solved. There are several things you should take into consideration when deciding on a treatment. Don’t choose the cheapest one, since the price probably matches the quality. Avoid spas, resorts or similar places, and ensure the procedure is done with sterile instruments. Make sure you use sunscreen after the treatment to prevent discolorations.

Make sure you choose the right surgeon

The final look you’ll get after the cosmetic treatment depends on several things, among which the choice of dermal filler procedure and the choice of the expert are the most important. If the procedure is done by someone with low skills and expertise, you risk further complications such as subdermal migration of the fillers, which can cause lumps and an uneven look. Always ask around and see if your potential surgeon has good recommendations. This type of cosmetic procedures is becoming more popular among men all around the globe and it’s especially trending in Australia. Consider consulting the experts from cosmetic surgery in Sydney who take their job seriously and are specialized in providing the best treatments for both genders. Sydney’s doctors are renowned for great dermal filling treatments that improve your skin and completely eliminate wrinkles that are non-avoidable in modern life: the ones that occur due to sun damage, poor dieting and stress. And don’t worry – these treatments won’t make your face look feminine, only refreshed and younger.

Skincare products nourish your skin, but they have their limitations. Choose your desired dermal filling treatment to slow down the process of aging and get a fresh, healthy and masculine look.

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