The Daily Dapper Look

Some men care about their appearances, some men don’t. For the ones that do, looking dapper on a daily basis is part and parcel with feeling good about themselves. There’s nothing wrong with being prim and proper either for a male. Rewind 30 years ago, and the effort males go to to look good might have been considered silly. But we’re living in the modern age where males caring about their looks is something a lady admires. So we’re here to help you achieve the daily dapper look.

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The Smell

Any woman you speak to will say hands down that smell matters. The nicer a man smells, the more attracted a woman is going to be to them. There’s just something about a good aftershave that draws them in. Smelling good is also a sign of good personal hygiene and an interest in self care and pride. Now, if you want to achieve the dapper look, you’re going to have to go for a more manly smell. One of the most popular that attracts women is One Million by Paco Rabanne. But, if you want to stand out from the crowd a little, we highly recommend you give Creed a go. As soon as you see the price your eyes will no doubt water, but hear us out. It is has the unique ability to smell different for different people, and every smell is unique to how they perceive it. But don’t be fooled, someone isn’t going to smell it and think ‘ew’, it is one of the nicest smelling aftershaves there is, and the bottle lasts a lifetime… sort of!

The Style

The look you want to be going for here is the smart casual look. Not your basic skinny jeans and a top look, but not a full blown suit that will make you look as though you’re going to a wedding. Let’s work from the top down. A shirt is important if you want to look dapper. Wear a shirt with a pear of jeans and you’ve instantly knocked it down from smart to smart casual. A white or black tight fitted shirt will look just fine. Complete the shirt with some Deakin & Francis handmade cufflinks and a designer watch, perhaps Armani will look nice. They have a lovely range of watches that aren’t too harsh on the pocket. Black or blue skinny jeans will be just fine, it’s up to you what colour blue you go as most of them work perfectly. Finish the look off with some suede boots, and a smart coat to finish if the weather demands, and you’ve truly achieved the dapper look. For bonus points, always have your hair styled and a beard well groomed if you have one.

The Attitude

Finally, you can’t walk to walk if you can’t talk the talk. A dapper man is one who is respectful, gentleman like, and takes pride in the way that others view him. Whilst we aren’t saying you should turn into a snob, be careful of how you display yourself when in public, namely when things might get a little out of hand at the pub after a few beers!

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