Being Comfortable In Business Casual

Sitting in an office all day can take its toll on you. Whether you’re getting back and leg pains, neck aches from staring at a screen, or you’re just overheating from the dress code you have to follow, you’ve probably got a problem with it. However, there’s no getting around the professional element you need to wear when it comes to the work world.

And whether you like to feel dapper or not, every man out there has to look their best when they’re at work. But that can be hard to do when you’re straight laced in white shirts and slacks 24/7, and you can get extremely tired of the same look day in and out. So let’s change it up a little, and start to look into the business casual; here’s a couple of tips.

Ties can be restricting, so don’t let the rest of your outfit be the same (Credit)

Find a Well Fitting Shirt

Men’s shirts are pieces of clothing that can go a long way, not to mention the sheer long term wearability you can get out a cheap white button down. However, when you’re at work, seeing a sea of white all the time can get incredibly boring, so it’s time to branch out a little. Buy something that has a different colour to it, like a green or a blue or a dark purple. It’s incredibly stylish, and can really help to highlight your figure; that alone can make you so much more comfortable at work!

Or find something with a softer material to it to make sure you’re combatting sweat patches whenever they tend to appear, and that you’re as comfy with your suit jacket off as you’re secure with it on. Shop somewhere like SEEK Attire to find some of the best shirts for your needs, all with a professional hint if you’re looking to balance out your wardrobe.

Get Something Stretchy to Wear

Having something stretchy to wear, especially as a bottom, is going to go a long way to making sure you’re as comfortable as possible for your entire 8 hour work day. Whether you want a good pair of jeans on your side (as long as they’re black for the workplace of course), or a pair of slacks you feel like you could do anything in, make sure they’re made of stretchy material. And it’s something you can find in abundance if you know where to look.

Not to mention these trousers are good for anyone who has legs on the bigger side. Comfort should never be sacrificed at the cost of having to look a certain way after all, and making a style investment at the start of your career can really pay off in the long run.

Remember that being comfortable when you’re in your business outfit shouldn’t be a second thought. Try to take the time now to make sure you’re going to have better days on the shop floor and behind the computer screens!

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