Bitplaza App Opens the Way for Shopping with Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency world remains a mystery to a lot of people, many viewing it as nothing more than a fad or passing phase, but in fact there is a lot to be said for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The problem has been that, up to now, spending Bitcoin on a day to day basis has not been easy. It’s a complex world of exchange rates and so on, that put the regular shopper off. Also, understanding the difference between Bitcoin and regular currency is something that – while actually simple – is also off-putting to those used to cash and debit cards.

But, what if there was a simple easy to use method of shopping with Bitcoin? What if there was an app you could install on your iPhone or Android device that allowed you to shop for a wide variety of popular brands and products? 

That’s what Bitplaza is all about, and it is the world’s first mobile app that allows you to shop with Bitcoin. Bitplaza is different to online stores that are dedicated to people spending cryptocurrency in that it allows you to shop anywhere in the world, supporting international delivery, and covers more products than ever before. This is the app that is going to push Bitcoin into the everyday world as a usable, spendable currency.

Adding Value to Bitcoin and Global Retail

So, why is Bitplaza making such a splash? We only have limited space here so you might want to check out this very informative video for more information and a clear description of how Bitplaza will change the cryptocurrency industry. The appeal with Bitplaza is not just towards the consumer, but also the retailers, who embrace the idea of cryptocurrency and are now seeing an app that allows people to spend where they want, and take advantage of the many brands on offer.

What can you buy when you are Bitcoin shopping with Bitplaza? The brands that you can purchase cover some of the most popular areas of retail – they include the likes of Samsung, Apple, Sony, Nikon and Nintendo, plus Kellogg’s, Starbucks, Adidas, HP, Dell and more – every area of retail can be accessed with Bitplaza: you can even buy groceries using the app, and there are products for pets, home and garden too. This is the way forward when it comes to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which is why the launch of Bitplaza was an eye-opening event.

Safe and Secure

The reassurance that the Bitplaza team is committed to absolute security of user’s details is something that we expect from online shopping tools, and the user’s payment information is not shared with anyone else. The app is easy to use, and there are new products from all over the world being added on a regular basis.

As Bitplaza evolves, so the crypto world will continue its rapid growth, so why not have a look at Bitplaza now? It’s the most convenient way to spend your Bitcoin on products that you want and need.


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