Best Winter Holiday Ideas to Get Your Adventure Juices Flowing

The new year is upon us, but that doesn’t mean the winter holidays have to be over. In many corners of the world, they are only just beginning. And for those of you who need a twang of adventure to kick off their year, we’ve prepared a list of five attractive destinations that have their own sense of novelty and wonder. So, let’s get on with it!

Beat the Blues on Barbados

Firstly, to accommodate those who are simply done with the icy winter – the beautiful Barbados. The biggest benefit here is that the hurricane season ends by November, which means it’s nothing but smooth sailing in early 2019 – both figuratively and literally. There are ten whole hours of sunlight every day, and calm weather. The bustling capital Bridgetown offers much-needed night life for those who are just not the cosy indoor winter types. As a party destination, this Caribbean island is a must visit to lift your spirits up until springtime arrives.

Kayaking in Canada

While this tour is available only from July until September, for those who wish an early winter holiday, it’s a match made in heaven. A once in a lifetime opportunity, Compass Heli Tours takes all adventurous tourists to an hour-long flight. And while the views themselves take your breath away, you are soon enough descended into the Coast Mountain itself. From there on, you take a four-hour kayaking trip, in a river so icy blue, you’ll hardly believe it’s real. For those who love the blend of sport and true nature, this should be at the top of their bucket list.

Visiting the Fjords

For those who want to participate less, and instead take their adventure in purely being far from home, then the Norwegian fjords might be the right choice. There is no particular one tour we would single out, as visiting any of the fjords depends on what you want to see. There are train tours that last seven days, boat trips, hikes through small towns and tram rides that provide some of the most mesmerizing views, and seeing the Northern lights should be reason enough to consider a winter adventure like this. Hiking enthusiasts and long-distance adventurers will benefit the most from these trips.

Ski in the South

New Zealand is a big sought-after destination thanks to its extremely diverse and rich climate. You can experience the spring warmth on one part of the island, while skiing in the frosty air on the other. And it’s precisely why skiing in New Zealand is a favourite among the winter-sports-oriented tourists. Most of its destinations are welcoming to skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels, and the welcoming Kiwi culture will make your adventure all the more heart-warming with cozy accommodation.

Japan’s Mountain Monsters

If you want something more mythical out of your holiday trip, then look no further than Japan. The Yamagata prefecture offers a one-of-a-kind natural attraction. It is an immense volcano called Mount Zao that in winter time turns into a landscape straight out of a mythology book. You can take the ropeway up the slope and see the snow-covered trees the locals call the Snow Monsters. You can also see the crater, and experience the hot springs in the town of Zao Onsen. All in all, it’s a trip to admire, because the traditional, natural Japan has to offer just as much (if not more) as its urban counterpart.

Husky Safari

Those who prefer solo adventures could find themselves enjoying a Husky safari in Finland. The counterpart to the traditional African safari, sledding with the help of highly trained furry companions can be an extremely fulfilling experience. What is more, these adventures are not only limited to your sleds slashing through the freezing landscape for dozens of miles. They also offer a unique opportunity to learn how to care for the huskies, how to harness them, bond with them, and even share meals by the open fire at night. Overall, it’s a bucket-list-must for any animal loving adventurer.

In conclusion

The word “adventure” is very subjective. We all see adventures differently, and while for some it is simply stepping out of the comfort of your home to week-long train ride, to others it’s snowboarding down the frosty mountainside with adrenaline pumping in their ears. In an attempt to accommodate several types of adventurers, we’ve offered five destinations we found to be as thrilling as they are beautiful.

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