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Wherever you are in the world, the weather plays a big part in your day to day life. It affects all of us in some way – we may want to keep dry on the way to work, for example, or we might be looking for somewhere to take a vacation and want to ensure the best weather possible – and we like weather forecasts for this reason. However, we also know that forecasts can be unreliable; this because of the changeable nature of the weather, as no forecast can possibly be 100% guaranteed accurate. Being able to access accurate weather data on the move is therefore a bonus to each of us, and that’s what we get with WeatherBug.

What is WeatherBug? It’s the best weather app on the market, and to make things even more impressive, it’s also free. Will it work on your device? WeatherBug is available to download on both Android and iPhone devices, and is designed specifically for handheld mobile use. It offers a comprehensive selection of weather data and forecasting features, and is already used to great effect by many thousands of satisfied users for a variety of uses.

WeatherBug uses an extensive network of professional weather stations across the world to gather the information it provides for users. You get no fewer than 18 animated maps offering information on a vast array of weather data. This includes temperature, pressure, precipitation, pollen count and more. You are also able to request notifications of storms – including dangerous lightning storms and hurricanes – in advance, so you can take action in advance. WeatherBug also gives you access to live Doppler radar coverage so you can get real time information on what is happening at any of millions of locations across the world.

With real time and future forecasting WeatherBug is a must-have app for anyone who likes to make the most of the weather, and it also offer the opportunity to access local information and to tailor the data to your requirements. Easy to use and simple to download and install, WeatherBug is popular with both professionals and home users, and the extensive information provided gives you the opportunity to successfully keep an eye on storms and more acceptable weather in the vicinity. It’s a useful app that provides information that can be used in many different ways, and for no cost is well worth installing.

One other area of interest is that, should you have a smart thermostat controlling your heating at home, WeatherBug can be linked with it to provide accurate temperature information, this improving the efficiency of your energy use in the home. This, of course, saves money – and all for free! You can even access travel information, and make your journey that much easier. Have a look at the WeatherBug app information now and see just how you can get access to more accurate real time and future weather data for no cost. It really is an excellent app that is usable and effective.

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