The Best Sporting Days Out

There’s no better way to spend a long afternoon than watching live sport. British sports fans are surely the most passionate in the world, so a day in amongst them cheering on a team, player or rider is the perfect weekend plan. But what options provide the most thrilling day out? Look no further than these classic choices.

‘Wimbledon’ – Nic Gould via Flickr


Britain is home to the most famous tennis court in the world – Wimbledon’s Centre Court, where some of the greatest individual rivalries in sport have played out. But you don’t have to score tickets to Wimbledon to enjoy a day of live tennis – there’s events in the country throughout the year. The ATP World Tour finals take place in November at the O2 Arena, and they’re possibly the most dramatic tennis competition you’ll find – indoor, under the lights, and contested by only the very best the game has to offer. The speed, skill and precision of the top players can only be fully admired up close, making tennis one of the great spectator sports.

Horse Racing

A day at the races is without a doubt the most quintessentially British sporting option around. It’s an opportunity to don your smartest suit and sip champagne all afternoon, so there aren’t many classier picks either. Make sure to brush up on your runners and riders before you go, so you know who you’re rooting for. If you’re visiting Cheltenham, Auverganat is an attractive 8/1 according to Oddschecker. Aside from that, watching the races is all about looking good, feeling cool and enjoying some canapes. What’s not to like?

‘Cricket at Lord’s’ – Dun.can via Flickr


It’s a slow burner, so sink into your seat, sit back and prepare yourself for an endless afternoon of live action. Britain is the home of cricket, and fittingly, it’s not lacking grounds with an incredible, rich history. Lord’s provides one of the most gorgeous sites to watch live sport in the world, and the Oval, Edgbaston and Trent Bridge provide more options for some action. The County Championship runs between April and September, so there’s plenty of chances to head to your local ground.

Nothing beats live sport, and the country which invented pretty much all of them is never lacking in opportunities to check some out. So settle in to a long day out and admire the skill of the best sports men and women on the globe – there are worse ways to spend the weekend.

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