Benefits Of Indoor Water Features

Considering your background with interior design, you likely are well-versed in the positive attributes of having plant life as part of an indoor space. However, there are other natural elements that can be moved to an interior area, making a significant impact. When thinking of relaxation, many people’s minds turn to a dribbling stream or a rippling river, making water an ideal addition to any structure.


It is possible to install indoor water fountains that are highly detailed and complex in design or to select one that is simplistic and easily maintained. The proper choice will turn largely on the sort of space at hand and the specific effect that is being sought. Sizable foyers, entry spaces or atriums often benefit from a major fountain-style feature. Smaller corridors, rooms or nooks do well with streamlined table-sized or wall-mounted fountains. There are many positives to be gained with an indoor water element, no matter the type or the size.

Soothing Sounds

A great aspect of having a water feature indoors is the calming sensation provided not just by the sight, but of the sounds produced by these elements. Stressful zones such as offices can use water features to bring about a feeling of relaxation where it is needed most. Productivity and higher morale are certain to prevail. White noise stemming from a functional water feature can facilitate greater concentration and eliminate distractions. A physician’s waiting room is a great place for a water feature, because it can soothe those who are worried about what is to come.

Ionic Effects

Water that is in a state of motion is known to produce negative ions. This is important because the health benefits of negative ions are widely-acknowledged, and HVAC systems and electronic devices tend to reduce their presence. Experts have suggested that negative ions are capable of boosting oxygen flow to the brains of those in the area, they raise alertness and possibly stave off the effects of airborne germs. Sneezing, coughing and sore throats may decrease as a result.

It is also thought that negative ions can raise serotonin levels in the body, producing elevated moods. The presence of negative ions in the workplace has tremendous possibilities in terms of raising the overall health and mental status of employees and managers alike. Water features can generate the negative ions everyone needs in order to flourish and reach maximum potential.

Ambient Humidity

Yet another positive attribute of an indoor water features is the added humidity in the air. Moving water boosts ambient humidity, something that is essential in spaces where climate is artificially controlled with an HVAC system. Moist, comfortable airflow will help facilitate better health and will help decorative plantings stay alive and continue to do well.

An indoor water feature is perfect for bringing visual interest and a host of health benefits, and should therefore be considered a bonus for all well-designed spaces. Think about providing your clients with sufficient information to decide that an installation of this type makes sense for their projects. No matter if they decide that a tabletop feature is what they want or if a large-scale atrium installation is best, there is no doubt that just about every space can benefit from this type of element. The types of plants that tend to complement water features will also bring a feeling of luxury and beauty to the spaces you design.

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