Being a Man Requires Courage to be Seen Failing and Succeeding

In business as in life in general failure to succeed is something that takes a lot to deal with. We all like to see things go well, for jobs and projects to go smoothly and everyone involved to get what they wanted and walk away satisfied.

But it does not always happen.

Life is not an easy walk in the park, and much of it consists of hurdles that we need to overcome. The same is true in business; you have a plan, you’re clear in your intentions, yet something crops up that wasn’t meant to be there, or you had not considered. As the saying goes, that’s life.

Let’s say you begin a project; all is going well, then things start to go wrong. You might miss a deadline, or someone may miss theirs, pushing you back. You feel embarrassed by this, you believe it makes you look like a failure. In fact, it makes you just the same as everyone else – we all fail sometimes, we all suffer setbacks.

Allow me to introduce myself; I’m Ruben Alvarez, Entrepreneur, and I have experience failure in my business dealings. Let me talk about that a bit more.

Learning from Failure

Disappointment is a natural response when things go wrong. That’s the same for all of us. I have a business that I have built up by myself – it didn’t happen overnight, and there were often unseen problems to overcome – and I also host podcasts and have my own YouTube channel. Over time, I began to see that when things didn’t go as planned in all these endeavours, it wasn’t a failure as such; it was a lesson to be learned form.

Some examples: I have spent a lot of time planning my YouTube broadcasts involving promises from people to get involved, then they fail to show. I’ve produced a podcast where my listeners complained that the audio was unlistenable. I’ve even had clients make use of my services, then vanish without paying! While all of this is not what I want, I’ve come to realise it’s part of life, and part of business. People will let you down, quality can be compromised, and some people just take others for a ride.

Turning the Tide

But what I have learnt to do is use these bad experiences to enhance my future dealings, to improve my business and make better broadcasts. I’m open about failure, just as I’m open about success. The two go hand in hand, and once you learn to have the courage to admit your mistakes and look beyond them, then you’ll be able to move forward and see the results you want to see.

Come and join me at one of my podcasts, or visit my YouTube channel and you’ll see what I mean by sharing my failures as well as my successes. It takes courage, it takes being a man, to admit to failures, and I’ll show you how you can turn that to your advantage. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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