Becoming A Distinguished Gentleman

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Being a gentleman is not something men should aspire to, as gentlemanliness doesn’t require you to do anything more than have good manners. Becoming a gentleman of distinction however, does require you to be more than just polite. A distinguished gentleman is defined by excellence and dignity and you as a man should be aspiring to this. There are things you can do in life to go from gentleman to distinguished gentleman, and it isn’t all about the salt and pepper sideburns you’re sporting, either!

This article can take you through what you could do to be more distinguished in life. It tends to be that we consider a distinguished gentleman to usually be an older gent who takes good care of himself, his health and those around him. It’s more than taking propecia for hair loss that may be premature, it’s about overall general health and making the time in your career to be present about your appearance too. So, read on for ways you can make yourself more distinguished as a gentleman!

  • A distinguished man has usually seen the world. The ability to travel the globe and see far-flung places usually comes from a place of wealth, or of realism about finances. If you are the sort of man who spends more than he saves, you’re likely frivolous and you don’t care much for your financial health. Saving your dough and exploring new places, meeting new people and getting to grips with a new culture gives you stories. It gives you insight into the world around you that you may not have considered exists. It also gives you an exciting edge; one that is attractive, impressive and draws people to you.
  • A distinguished man is gentle in character where required, and powerful in others. He commands respect by just entering a room and that’s not by being a bully. For many, the standard definition of a gentleman includes holding doors and standing when your lady leaves the table and these practices are rather old. For others, the impression you give when you still practice old values will hold you higher than most other men. There may be cries about inequality in the sexes but most women are still flattered by a man who holds open the door and offers to pay the bill. It’s sexy!
  • A distinguished man has a network of people around him that know his stories, know his role in the world and gives him an edge in social gatherings. A well-connected man is a man who makes a point of reaching out to those around him so if you are struggling to climb the career ladder, consider your connections. Reach out to those around you and climb the social ladder. This will help you to add to your address book and help your social status. It’s not about meeting a woman, of course, but for your own confidence.
  • A distinguished man has a killer fashion sense: or at least the sense to get a personal shopper to help dress him! You should make sure you have some excellently tailored suits for work rather than off the rack suits which can be ill fitting. Make time in your schedule to visit a proper tailor. A powerful suit does more than make the planes of your shoulders look good; it commands a respect and emanates professionalism.
  • A distinguished man looks after his health. Join the gym if you have to, but care for your teeth, hair and heart. Don’t let those health appointments slide just because you have a heavy load at work. Keeping an eye on your appearance and grooming doesn’t make you less of a man. Let your hair go grey on its own, let your laughter lines shine through, but keep yourself neat and tidy.
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Of course, these tips aren’t exhaustive. There are a lot of things that separate a man from a distinguished gentleman, but overall, it’s the confidence that you project to the world that raises you into distinction. Don’t fight the ageing process, but age gracefully. Rise to power through your career and treat your lady with respect and love. The charisma and character you have will make you more respected in your field and understand why you want to be distinguished in your character. Do it for yourself and not others around you and be a good guy! That’s all the world wants you to be!

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