Be a Style Leader – Wear Milano Emo Footwear

Each of us has our own personal style when it comes to how we dress, and when it comes to shoes, the sheer variety of options can be bewildering! Are you looking for casual wear for a night out or simply daily use, or more formal shoes that you could wear for occasions? What if you could combine the two? Is there such a thing as a ‘smart casual’ shoe?

We think we might have found what you are looking for – a smart yet sporting and casual look that is quite unique in the way it combines all the elements you want, and even better, these are shoes that are hand crafted in Italy from top quality materials, in a range of superb colour schemes that will really open your eyes. If you’re looking for something different, neat and stylish for your shoe collection, we invite you to take a look at the Milano Emo range.


Ready for pre-order right now, the Milano Emo range of shoes is set to become a classic, and you can be first in line. What’s better than setting the trends that others follow with a seriously classy new shoe design, one that takes the timeless trainer look and combines it with all the elements that make Italian shoe-making great, bringing to the market an innovative and inspiring range of shoes that shows you can be that little bit different and still look the part.

Each shoe design takes colour as its defining factor, and the colours are a fresh take on the smart casual look. The cut of the shoe is low-top with a padded lining, so whatever colour combination you choose, these shoes will look great with a pair of jeans or smart-casual trousers, and will remain supremely comfortable too. There’s something about Italian hand-crafted shoes that shouts of quality and class, and you get this feeling with Milano Emo.

Great Choice of Designs

In fact, Milano has made it easy for you by offering so many different colour choices in the Emo range, and we reckon you will buy more than one pair to suit different outfits. You could choose the simple and understated black and beige design for everyday casual wear, or if you want to be different, there is a design that combines red, white and blue and looks very special, or one that is finished in a classy dark green with black trimming.

There are seven different colour schemes that you can choose from, so you will be spoilt for choice, and remember that they re only available as pre-sale items at the moment. Once a set number of pairs has been ordered, the manufacturer in Italy will be instructed to start hand-making the shoes for delivery – so you are getting bespoke shoes, made specifically for you!

Available with free shipping to the USA, UK and Europe, this is your chance to buy bespoke, limited edition hand-crafted Italian shoes at what can only be described as an excellent price, so have a look now and be the one who leads the way!

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