Amazing Ways to Save Money on Your Next Holiday

Here at Dapper Dude we like nothing better than getting a bargain. That sense of achievement knowing we have beat the retailers and got more bang for our buck, by spending less.

One area of life we love getting a bargain in more than any is those expensive holidays abroad. We wouldn’t be without our time away in the sun. We are sure you’re exactly the same. However, it’s a bit of a sting in the tail knowing that we have to spend so much to enjoy those couple of weeks in Spain, Malta or even somewhere further afield.

Fortunately, we are savvy when it comes to find bargains here at Dapper Dude and we have you covered. We’ve found lots of great ways to save money on holidays so you no longer have to pay full price for anything again…well not quite anything, but you know what we mean.

In the following post we will highlight some of our favourite ways.

Barter and Haggle

It may feel completely out of your comfort zone to not just say ‘Thank you very much’ and hand over your payment details when you are told how much a holiday is, but haggling and negotiation are a huge thing in the travel and tourism industry. Products such as hotel rooms and airline tickets are time-sensitive. One that is left unsold, can be resold and is a sale lost forever. So, if you are booking a holiday on the fly at the last minute, be sure to haggle a little and negotiate on the price, especially when dealing with the likes of hotels, travel agents and tour operators.

Choose the Best times

If you choose to book your travel independently, instead of signing up for a pre-packaged trip, be sure to get a full overview of the different fares available on and around the dates you want to go away on. Use a site like Skyscanner to do this and you will have an idea of just how much the fares can vary. For instance, a flight to Malaga from London can cost anything from £149 to £740. It largely depends on the time of your flight and what’s included in the price.

Consider Booking an Indirect Flight

While it might sound ridiculous to actively opt for hanging around in the departure hall of an airport rather than being on the beach several hours ago, if you are looking for a real bargain, it is worth considering. Opting for a layover somewhere could save you a considerable amount of money, so keep your mind open.

Look for Voucher Codes online

Online voucher codes are a great way to save lots of money on all aspects of holidays from flights to accommodation to the various attractions and sightseeing activities you have planned once you are there. Check out the site Voucher Codes King for lots of great vouchers and bargains. Many of the biggest and best sites are covered from to Travelodge and Virgin Atlantic, so there is no shortage of finding great deals.

Vouchers are no longer just for your Nan, lads, so don’t pass up on the opportunity to save some dosh.

Avoid Unnecessary Extras and Frills

Although you could argue that it’s your holiday and the one time in the year when you deserve to splurge some cash, it could be costing you more money than is necessary. By taking economy class instead of first class, you could save a pretty penny, for example. Another great way to save money that means you could enjoy a better holiday destination is by going half-board or self-catering rather than paying for full board.

You don’t have to listen to us guys, but if you are looking to save some money on your next holiday, the tips above will help you achieve that.



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