830 Brickel in Miami: The Office Building of the Future

Business is always changing at a rapid pace, but with remote working, startup culture, and new technology and business sectors popping up, so is the way people work. The best employees are no longer content with just a cubicle and job security. They, much like potential home buyers, shop for jobs based on location, quality of life, and yes, even amenities employers can offer them. That’s why it’s important to choose office space that can not only boost the prestige of your company but serves you and your team.

In business hub cities around the world, developers are taking note. In Miami’s financial district, for example, OKO Group is at the forefront of bringing modern commercial space to the Brickell neighborhood with 830 Brickell.

When it opens in 2021,¬†830 Brickell¬†will be the first office tower in Miami in over a decade. And with that “first” designation comes a commitment to not only those who will work in its 57 floors but to Miami and even the environment itself.

830 Brickell is designed by the world-renowned team at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, whose work can be seen in such vaunted buildings like the Jeddah Tower and the Burj Khalifa. With a vast knowledge of how buildings work with cities and an eye for design, 830 Brickell will be more than just a stodgy office building. Thanks to a sleek glass facade enveloping the building and a kinetic wall that will change with the wind, 830 Brickell will be more like a work of art among the Miami skyline.

Miami is a city that’s not only known for its energetic lifestyle and beautiful architecture, it’s a place where the environment is entwined with everyday life. As such the developers of 830 Brickell have made certain that this new building surpasses all environmental standards and is as energy-efficient as possible. LEED Silver certification and wired certification are all part of the plan. The glass around 830 Brickell is insulated with Low-E tint, reducing the building’s carbon footprint. They’ve even taken into consideration Mother Nature’s occasional disruptions and will add hurricane-impact glazing to the glass exterior.

It’s carefully selected location in Brickell will give those who work there an easy commute. And eight floors of parking are bound to make that commute even more pleasant. Entry to the building is less office and more luxury hotel in the Iosa Ghini Associati-designed lobby replete with marble and natural materials that make arriving at work an elevated occasion.

Speaking of elevated, a three-zone elevator system will whisk workers to their floors quickly and efficiently, where they’ll be greeted by the most advanced offices in all of Miami. And let’s not forget about the gorgeous views of the city and Biscayne Bay thanks to columnless spans. Each floor comes with state-of-the-art IT setups, and there are also more subtle touches, like the high-end bathrooms that everyone can enjoy.

Top talent doesn’t want to sit at a desk all day, though, and that’s why 830 Brickell’s amenities are so crucial. Break time in this building takes on a whole new meaning at the restaurant on the top floor guests are treated to world-class food and one-of-a-kind views. There’s even a luxury on-site gym where employees can burn off some steam before their big presentation or just maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If there ever was an illustration of what modern working should be, 830 Brickell is it.

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