8 Ways To Maintain A Perfect Beard

Want to get that soft, perfectly groomed finish? Are you wondering how your favorite bearded bloggers get the look? The questioning is over, we know how to get the perfect beard. Admittedly, it takes time and effort, but with these steps, you’ll have a beard to make others green with envy…

  1. Wash Your Beard Regularly

The first simple yet essential step is to regularly wash your beard. You need to wash your beard with specially-designed products that will moisturize the skin underneath and nourish your beard, giving that barber-shop fresh look. Washing regularly also puts a stop to pesky itching.

  1. Wash Your Beard Effectively

Washing your beard regularly is important but also is washing it effectively. Getting the right products is crucial – though the price tag may seem a little pricey, when used cleverly, in the long-term, they will have amazing effects on your facial hair. If you have a moustache or thinner beard, opt for a foam cleanser. However if you have a fuller beard, a beard shampoo will be necessary!

  1. Understand How To Apply Beard Oil

Beard oil will give your beard a shiny and smooth finish and make it easier to style as it moisturizes your facial hair and nourishes the skin underneath. Beard oil should be applied after your shower whilst your beard is clean and residue-free and your pores will have opened up. Make sure you have towel dried beforehand as if your beard is very wet, then the oil will have no effect!

  1. Style Your Beard Like A Pro

Beard balms will be your ally when it comes to styling, and is an important product to use for those of you with medium or long length beards. As well as making styling hassle-free, it also gives that barber-shop sheen that you all long for and will smoothen down fly-aways. Just warm up the balm between your hands before applying to your beard.

  1. Don’t Forget To Style Your Moustache

For moustache fanatics, waxes will be your go-to product to lock in that shape and volume. They are so easy to use and are residue-free, you won’t have any product build-up here! The key here is to apply a small amount and build up if necessary, there’s no point in being over-generous!

  1. Pick The Right Beard For Your Face Shape

Your favorite bearded bloggers look so good because they have chosen the right beard for their face shape and their personality – here’s our guide to making the right choice:

  • Round face shapes – Stubble or “five o’clock shadow” as it’s also known will highlight and define your facial features, particularly your cheekbones.
  • Long face shapes – For you businessmen on the go, boxed beard styles are perfect for corporate environments. For longer face shapes, they also shorten your face and define it.
  • Angular face shape – Angular face shapes really suit goatees, once deemed very “90s”, the goatee is making a comeback, becoming a very on-trend beard style. This style elongates your face and slims it down, getting that all important chiseled look.
  • Oval or square face shapes – For those of you who love the whole retro vibe, the moustache will be the one for you! Moustaches flatter oval or square face shapes as they are top-heavy, but don’t be afraid to get experimental and try this style out!
  • All face shapes – If you’re daring to grow out your beard, then the full beard flatters all face shapes. Be sure to give your beard a regular trim for that polished look, and you’ll have the beard of your dreams!
  1. Get Regular Trims

Getting your beard trimmed gives it a polished and groomed finish, no matter what style you have gone for. Nothing is worse than a chaotic, uncared-for beard. Regular trims will also help your beard grow out evenly and make you look extra-suave!

  1. Be Patient

Being patient is an important point of this beard-growing process. It’s not going to grow out overnight! It takes time, dedication and effort – your beard will need some TLC! Whatever you do, don’t shave it all off, good things take time, and with these steps, you’ll be more than satisfied with the results!

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